Wednesday, April 29, 2015

6 months later ....

WTH!  I can't believe it's been almost 6 months since I lasted posted but then again I can because growing a tiny human while raising two other tiny humans is HARD WORK!  Oh's been 6 months so this is the first time that I'm mentioning that we're expecting Swiftly Growing Baby #3.  Is this our last you ask?'s still up for debate.  Hubz says yes, I say not sure.  Once again I was hella sick at the beginning, until about 18 weeks.  It was miserable, as usual, but now I'm doing better and hitting 23 weeks tomorrow.

So other than growing another wee one what's been going on around the Swiftly Growing household? Well, Hubz is just about done with school, FINALLY!  He'll graduate in June.  The step-son is almost through his second year of high school and it's hard to believe that this summer we'll start talking about colleges.  The burrito and my little divalicious are growing steadily.  The Burrito starts school in August, ALREADY! I'm in complete denial about it but he's ready and excited. 

I'm just trudging along trying to keep everyone alive and thriving.  I guess I'm succeeding since everyone seems in pretty good spirits, most days.  I have missed this little space so I'm planning to do better at keeping it updated. Until next time....

Friday, November 14, 2014

Second Birthday - Baby Girl

My sweet, baby girl
How'd we get to this place so fast?  It seem like yesterday that Daddy was holding me up as I cried leaving the hospital without you and now your a walking, talking Diva!  These last two years have probably been the hardest but most fulfilling. You were prayed for and are loved so deeply but I didn't realize how exhausting being a Momma of two littles would be and you, my dear, keep us on our toes.  There is most definetly never a dull moment with you.

People are often surprised that your two.  Some thinkyou're younger because you're quite the tiny firecracker, much like your Momma & Aunties, but others thing you're older because you speak so well for your young age.  I have to explain to them that you're 2 going on 12, constantly trying to keep up with your big brother.  Speaking of your Bubba... you so adore him, most days, and the feeling is mutual.  You two are a team in most things but you also love to just be by yourself, which is okay too.  At just 2 you have mind of your own and won't stand for anyone telling you that you can't have something, I'm sure I don't know where you get that from!  You have a wardrobe to rival any fashonista, mostly thanks to your Aunties and Grandma, and to tell you the truth I'm a little jealous of it.

This next year I'm sure will be full of even more development and fun!  Daddy and I can't wait to see how you change and grow and how the relationship between you and your brothers changes and develops as well.  You're already your own person and we know that's likely to change, ever.  I'm sure you'll continue to wrap your Daddy even more around your finger...there's something about a first born daughter and her Daddy, I hope you two always share a special bond and relationship, it's good for you both. I also hope that as you get older you know that I'm always, ALWAYS your biggest cheerleader and support everything you do, no matter how crazy or silly!

We love you forever and always baby girl.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween - 2014

Halloween is my MOST favorite day of the year.  It's likely because it's my birthday but also since having kids I love to see them dressed up in their costumes.  The Bean is old enough to finally be excited about his costume and he even made the decision on what he was going to be.  It was a tough decision for him but he finally settled on Olaf, with a carrot nose, from the movie Frozen.  He wanted Baby Girl to be Anna but unfortunately the smallest that costume comes in, ANYWHERE, is a 3T and she's little so....she's going to be Minnie Mouse instead, which fine by here because she's almost 2 and doesn't know what's going on and she LOVES Minnie.

Did I mention it was my birthday too?! I'm sure I've mentioned my LOVE for birthdays...LOVE THEM!  And my  own is no different.  Normally I leave the birthday plans for me to my husband but this year I took things into my own hands and we're having a costume party!  We were going to do a family costumes but I'm not sure it's going to work out...we'll see.  I can't wait to see all our friends and family dressed up, it's sure to be a great time, with pictures to follow.

Friday, October 10, 2014

4-Years Old - The Bean

This  post is over a month late but I want it to be here so that when my Bean graduates I'll have all his birthday letters in one place to print out.

My Sweet, sweet Boy
I'm not sure how it's happened but with this last birthday we've come right up to the start of school.  Next year when we celebrate your birthday we'll also be marking a milestone.  It seems like so long since we hit a bit milestone but in less than 365 days we'll be at one of the important ones. 

This last year has been amazing and tiring and patience testing & growing.  Everyone always talks about the terrible twos, but nobody ever mentions three.  The threes were hard for us.  You pushed every boundary and then some but we here we are on the other side of them and only a little worse for wear.  But lest you think they were all bad I want you to know that three was also a fantastic time.  Three was when you became a "big" boy!  Learning how to use the potty, recognizing your name and asserted a little independence, much to mine and daddy's dismay.

Now as we enter four I can wait to see how you change and develop.  This next year will not only be about making memories and making sure you're ready for school but it'll also be about you and your sister becoming closer and you learning to be even more independent.  I'm sure this next year won't be all rainbows and butterflies but just like the three years before it I know it'll be making you into the man you're destined to be.

I love you more today then the day you were born my sweet boy.  You're spunk and defiance are part of you as much as they're apart of us.  As we close out this phase I hope you know that your future is bright and Daddy and I have nothing but the highest of hopes and greatest love for you.

Forever & Always

Friday, April 25, 2014


You know what I'm learning as I get better at this Parenting thing?  Time is fleeting and goes faster than we'd like. Every day my kids are changing & growing and I feel like I'm not taking enough time to enjoy this current season because I'm always overwhelmed by EVERYTHING there is to do. I don't ever want to look back and think I wish I'd done better, and really right now that's how I feel.  I wish I'd done better at not yelling because I was so tired and felt like my life was spiraling out of control.  I wish I'd handle that situation better and not overreacted.  It feels like my life is a constant series of I wish statements...even though every nite I go to bed thinking I'll do better tomorrow, one day there won't be a tomorrow?

This blog was meant to be a way for me to keep track of my life as a Momma and Wife but for almost 3 months I've neglected it because I just can't get enough time.  I guess the fact that I choose to make face time with my kids more important is good so I shouldn't be too disappointed.

Ugh...well here's hoping I can find the time to be more attentive of this chronicle.  If not, guess I'll see ya in another 3 months.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


This year I'm not doing resolutions that I'll break within a week into the new year.  Instead I'm picking a word to make my theme of the year.  This seems a little more doable for me.  It'll be a word that I can work into most aspects of my life and hopefully by the end of the year I'll be a better person for trying it.

When I was younger and I wanted things to happen RIGHT now my Mom would always tell me, "Patience is a virtue," but she was my Mom and I thought she was crazy.  However, now that I'm a grown-up, or pretend to be one, I wish that patience was a virtue that I more easily embraced.   For this reason I've decided that I'm embracing patience as my theme for 2014.

My kids are only going to be so little for a short time.  Before I know it they won't need me to help them get dressed or snuggle them.  I want to cherish this time and not feel like I'm always trying to just get through something.  This goes for other aspects of my life too.  In my marriage where I want my husband to do everything on my time.  In my weight loss journey where I just want this damn weight to melt off, I mean really it took it longer than 30 minutes to gain why can't I be patient in taking it off? 

I won't promise to be prefect in practicing patience every day but I can promise to try my best each day.  I don't want spend 2014 wishing that I'd done better so I'm going to live my own advice and remember that everyday is a day to do better than the day before.

Monday, December 23, 2013

opps...I did it Again - 10/11 months -Baby Girl

Well, crap!  So much for those plans I had to be better about posting.  Here we are a month and half later and nothing!  That's my life and I'm done dwelling, so onward we go.

At this point baby girl is actually 13 months but I don't want to have missed out on the last two months before she turned 1 so...

My sweet, sweet girl.  I can't believe how close we were to you turning 1.  Your 10th and 11th months weren't full of anything BIG but still lots that was big for you.  You started vocalizing so much more than you had been.  You knew exactly who I was, Momma, and I don't mind saying I LOVE that Momma was your first word, since brother's was Daddy.

As you turned 10 months you still have no teeth and I wasconvinced that you'd be like your brother and cut teeth just before your first birthday, but by the end of the month you had two little teeth ont on the bottom!  You didn't let your lack of teeth you from eating anything and everything we'd let you have. You really started to show your personality and oh boy are we going to have our hands full! Even at just 10 months you were not taking nothing from nobody. While you're obviously not talking yet you still yell at anyone that may try to take stuff from and let your voice be heard.

Month 11 bought your first Halloween and Momma's birthday!  You were the cutest little Strawberry.  As I expected you didn't make it to Trick-or-Treating but that's okay you couldn't eat the candy anyway. You still only had those two bottom teeth but your eating had completely moved to whatever we were eating, you were eating. This made things so much easier for Momma. 

As I prepared for your 1st birthday I was nostalgic and excited for what was to come.  Your fill our life with joy and a little frustration, since for whatever reason you find sleep overrated, and we love you to pieces!  We can't wait to see what you story becomes.