Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Baby Burrito made his appearance last Tuesday, 7 September 2010 at 135 am, by c-section. He weighed 6 lbs, 1 oz and 20 inches long and had a cone head from being stuck in the birth canal. We were in the hospital 36 hours befoore going home. Once home things took a turn for the not so good and now I'm working on a post about the entire ordeal we've gone through from irth to now.

My little is truely the light of of my life. I never knew a love like this existed! I can imagine nothing more than being this little boy's momma.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

37 Weeks = FULL TERM

Yup I'm full term that means little burrito could decide to make an appearance and the doctors wouldn't do anything to stop him/her! I feel like I was just spending my days vomitting over the toilet for hours at a time and now here I am about to become a momma. I had a work shower on Tuesday where we got the car seat which really means we could have this baby whenever and we'd be good to go! And yet I'm still not anxious or paniced or nervous...okay well I am but more about the pain meds then the actual deliver.

I was talking to hubz and I don't know if it's because of the whole zen approach I've taken to this baby growing process or if it's because I'm in denial but labor and delivery doesn't scare me. Sure I realize it's not all fun and games but hubz will be there and as we've learned in the seven years we've been together/married we're a forced to be reckoned with! He's my rock and as long as he's there beside me keeping me calm I can do this without question or hesitation.

So now we wait. I have more baby stuff to wash and we have some returns to take care of and perhaps some last minute stuff for me for after Burrito gets here, but other than that we're ready. Of course I would like Burrito to remain baking until s/he is ready be that now, on 23 Sept (my due date) or a little after but I have no fears that I'm gonna rock this mom thing...I'm a super star in case you didn't know. Of course come talk to me after Burrito's here when I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune.

How far along: 37 weeks, FULL TERM!!!
Total weight gain: according to the scale on Monday I've just about gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight so zero. Of course the dr says it's all baby.
Maternity clothes: Heck yes!
Stretch marks: Just the oldies but goodies
Sleep: I sleep but not good sleep so I'm always tired, eh whatev
Best moment this week: Work shower
Food Cravings: Nothing really some days I'm starving and other days I could care less about food.
Gender: Still no clue and my mother's intuition is broken :(
Labor signs: Some contractions here and there but nothing to write home about
Belly button: Shallow
What I miss: Decent sleep and sushi.
What I'm looking forward to: Sleeping on my stomach again
Weekly wisdom: This too shall pass
Milestone: did I mention I'm FULL TERM!