Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Fat Ass

Nope not someone else, but me. After a year and half of marriage I've been come a little too comfortable and weight the most I've ever weighed. Sure 150 to someone wouldn't be that big, but seeing as I don't even stand 5'0 it's a little bit more weight than I should be carrying around. So I've decided to focus my energy I'm spending trying to have a baby on trying to lose the fat! I'm going to LA to visit a friend in June so starting next monday I'll have almost exactly six weeks to lose at least 10 lbs but I'm hoping maybe 15. Sparkpeople and I are becoming reacquainted and I'm going to get Tae Bo from my sister-in-law. Between that, 30 day shred, walking and the various households chores I'm motivated. Plus I have all these cute 2-piece bathing suits that I want to wear but will not be putting this fat ass into if I don't lose some weight. This also helps me to not feel like such a failure about my inability to get pg, okay it doesn't really but I'm hoping it helps me keep my mind off of it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've mentioned before about how I have this need to control everything in my life. While I realize that life does what it wants I still try my hardest to show it I'm the boss. However, that doesn't seem to be working for this whole baby thing. We're now pretty much done with our third month, I'm expecting AF's visit this weekend or the first half of next week, of the baby making thing and with no luck. It baffles me how people get PG all the time without even trying and maybe that's my problem I'm trying. Maybe everyone's right it'll happen when it happens, but I want it to happen NOW actually I want it happen YESTERDAY. I'm temping more to understand what my body is doing and I still have no clue. So next month I'm temping till I ovulate and nothing until I miss my period or get it and in June no temping at all. We have to take a break from Jul-Sep, so I'm not too PG for my sister's wedding in May, but then in Oct, assuming I'm still not KTFU, I'll decide what my next step. They say you can't even talk to a dr. until you've been trying a year so I still have until next summer some time. Until then I'm just gonna let things happen.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, my hopes for a Christams baby were dashed on Friday. After a very weird short AF it's on to month three. We're getting to that point where we're going to have to take a break on the baby making for three months, so that I'm not far along for my sister's wedding in May 2010. So here's hoping this month is the month although I though last month was the month...we had perfect timing and everything, eh such is life.

Hubz and I had ANOTHER date on Friday. We went to the Improv to see Aisha Tyler. She was hilarous! Of course the date didn't start out so perfect we had to hike like six blocks b/c the GPS took us to the wrong place and we'd already paid twelve bucks to park. OF course I was wearing cute shoes and by the time we finally made it I thought my feet were bleeding. Needless to say we took the Metro back to parking. However all in all it was still a great nite. We're gonna try and go back next month.

It's back to school Tuesday. I've already started my online class, Law, I think it's going to be good. The syllabus is already way better than last quarter's. If only the same could be said about my live class. Only time will tell for both.

We're finally getting all the paperwork together for our refi on the house! Hooray it works out that we're going to save almost $400 which brings us to our ideal amount of what we wanted to pay originally. So excited! Those credit cards will be paid off before we know it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Reveiw

Friday was fantastic. Hubz kind of had an idea where we were going but was still super excited to know he right. We relaxed, with a bottle of champagne and then had appetizers followed by dinner and the fantastic dessert. We spent two hours and way too much money but it was totally worth it! The hotel was great however we both were passed out by midnite, we're so romantic. Saturday was spent doing wedding stuff with SIL and and family thing at her house that nite. Sunday was Church and yard work. All in all a great weekend. The step-son is gone until Friday nite so I'm enjoyng my last week of break before classes start next week and it's back to no free time. It'll all be worth it in the end.

In baby news. I'm still not KTFU. However I just found out that not only are we trying for a baby and my bff but also hubz's bff and his wife are. It'd be cool if we were all PG at the same time. Of course it'll be there seconds and my first but still PG is PG.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Date Nite

Tonite's date nite and I'm beyone excited. This was totally my idea because hubz and I haven't done anything, that doesn't involve the house, just the two of us in a while. We used to have date nite all the time before we got married. It was once or twice a month and sure it might have just been dinner and a movie but it was just us enjoying each others company without having to worry about anything else for a few hours. I've been saying we need to reinstate these nites, even if it's just once a month, because sometimes life just gets in the way and then before you know it you're strangers. With school, work, and step-son we don't often have a lot of time to just be. So last weekend while I was in SC and paying off tons of debt I decided some of that money would be used to give us a nite out. We're doing dinner and a hotel and hubz doesn't know any details just that dinner reservations are at 7. Here's to a good nite.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I wonder....

Seeing as I'm not that intrested in my job as glorified secretary sometimes I sit day dreaming wondering if:
My Nana would be proud of me even though my life as taken a different path than planned.
I'll actually have the cajones to find a new job when I finish school
I'll be a good mom, since I don't think I'm that great of a step-mom
Hubz and I will have get pregnant, even though it's only the 2nd month trying
The future leaders of tomorrow realize how hard it is to be a grown-up, I know I didn't when I was their age
We'll ever get out of debt.

Nothing profound I know but it's just where my head goes when I'm trying not to write nasty emails or throw my computer out of the window.