Friday, March 19, 2010

13 weeks 1 day

Well, here I am into the 2nd trimester and I'm still sick. I'm not so much a complainer when I'm sick, I normally just suck it up and go on until I can't take it anymore. I think I'm just about ready to call Uncle! This is suppose to be a happy experience and really most of the day all I am is miserable. I'm sick of being sick and I feel bad for being miserable when they're are so many woman that would do anything to be in my place, so does that make me ungreatful? Everyone assures me it'll get better and that I should start to feel better any day now, oh yeah well any idea when that day might be?! I don't want to spend my entire first pregnancy wishing it would just hurry up and be done. It's for this reason that I try and make the most of the good days, even though they seem so far and few between.

Hubz and I, along with the step-son, are going to look at baby stuff this weeknd. Sure it seems early but the baby shower date has already been set and with the final quarter of school thrown in there not to mention marrying off one sister and working on planning the wedding of the other it'll be summer before I know it. Plus, there's not to much control I can have over this whole process, hence the unending morning sickness, so what little control I do have I cherish. Not to mention with hubz still unemployeed it's going to take some good budgeting and shopping to get me the things I WANT, and not have to settle on something because it's cheaper.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Secret's Out

Well, the secret's out. Hubz and I are having a baby! After the longest 11 months of my life we finally have a little bundle coming to join the craziness that is our life, and we couldn't be happier. It's been a long 12 weeks keeping the secret from everyone but we just wanted to get past the 1st Trimester before we shared it with the world. It's been a rough 2 months though. I've thrown up more in the last two months then I have in my entire life, even with 4-years of college, but it's all worth it (I think, no it is). Everyone assures me I should be turning a corner any day now, what with entering the 2nd Trimester, and I sure hope they're right because I'm hungry!

We're not finding out the gender. And while some of the family find it extremely inconvient I'm excited to prepare for this little bundle regardless of the sex. Plus, like hubz said there aren't many suprises, especially good ones, any more so this is well worth the wait. So now we start preparing the nursery and the house for a new little baby. I'm so EXCITED and anxious and unsure but more than anything blessed that God has finally answered our prayers.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


IRATE!!! that has just become my word for the day, and for once it's not about work. Most days I could care less about politics...politicians do what they want without much regard for how it affects us, BUT when one man stands in the way of my ability to perhaps pay my mortgage and other bills then I have a serious problem!!!! I'm writing my Senator and anyone else that will listen, halting unemployment benefits when it's keeping things from worse than they already are is not the answer to the budget deficit problem!