Thursday, October 30, 2008

Strike...Day 4 and Birthday Preperations

So I have know been on strike for 4 days and I wonder if hubz and the step-son even notice. I haven't cooked or cleaned anything, except for those things I've used. Guess it will be continuing the strike. Oh in regard to that stuff sitting on the stairs that he ignored except for the razors...he has now picked up the magazine but the shampoo and stuff that needs to shredded and go in the office, STILL ON THE STAIRS!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I'm not touching it...hell will freeze over. Then yesterday I was going to decorate for Halloween, yes I realize it's tomorrow but hubz was suppose to do some of it while I was gone, but I could decorate b/c he had both ladders and he didn't get home until 830. So now we're decorating and carving pumpkins today, the day before Halloween, and we also have to make sure that the step-son gets everything done for school tomorrow as well. So glad my life isn't completely dysfunctional b/c of the lack of help I receive, oh wait that's right he does help!

In more exciting birthday's tomorrow! Have I mentioned how much I love birthdays? Not just mine but everyones. So all the neices and nephews are coming over to trick-or-treat with the step-son, the husbands are taking the kids and the wives and my mom are staying to drink and have a good time. Then MIL is going to take the neices home later so BIL and SIL can stay and hang out. She drives me nuts most of the time but she has her moments. So I'll recap the birthday shennanigans on Monday, not that they'll be many seeing as tomorrow is the only thing that's really going on. I guess at least hubz did a good job for th anniversary I can't expect too much for the birthday.

Monday, October 27, 2008


So I survived my weekend alone to Williamsburg. I bowled okay. Saturday I bowled like crap, but on Sunday I go my average 2 out of 3 games and won $20. All in all not to bad. The Skins yet another game. GO SKINS!!!

However, as is part for the course I came home to the house the same way I left it..a mess. Now I understand hubz worked most of the day Saturday, but not all day so why did he not get step-son's laundry started until Sunday? Why couldn't he run a vacum or clean up the kitchn? So as of now I'm on STRIKE! I only washed my laundry and towels last nite. I won't be cooking dinner or cleaning up after anyone until the other two people I live with decide they want to help out! I left razors and shampoo that I bought when I went shopping Friday, along with some mail that needed to be shredded and a magazine of hubz's on the stairs the only thing he moved was the razors and that's only b/c he needed one. WHAT THE HELL!!!! The shampoo was going in the bathroom too, would it have killed him to pick it up!?

At least my birthday is in 4 days! I love birthdays. However after this there's nothing really to look forward to until Christmas and then that'll be sparce this year what with the economy and our lack of money! Oh well Christmas isn't about presents it's about family.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


So back in April I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. I had been using MySpace but I liked the format and ease of Facebook alot more. Now I'm addicted to Facebook. Mostly b/c I have nothing to do at work, but also b/c it allows me to "talk" to some of my favorite people that I lost touch with after high school or that I just don't get to see or talk with everyday and some I do.

In other news I'm going to Williamsburg this weekend, w/out hubz, for a bowling tournament. Though I'm sad he can't come, the step-son has soccer and hubz has a big side job he needs to get done, I'm excited to get a weekend away. I'm staying at one of our timeshares and I can' wait to just relax with a good book, okay my Business Enterprises textbook but a book none the less, and just have peace and quite. No dogs, kid or husband. Should be nice.


My thoughts have been a jumble lately so this post in my attempt to get them out then maybe I can get them organized.

1. Why do I feel the need to have control of everything in my life and but not really be in control? My house is a mess, I have two dogs, a 9 y/o step-son and a husband that's like a child. Getting control of my life is just not an option if I have no support. I feel like I'm drowning and I just continue to get in further above my head.

2. Sometimes I wonder if I should see a shrink. I often wonder if I suffer from depression or something b/c while I'm no always sad I'm never truly happy. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I'm not where I thought I'd be at 8 days shy of 27. I was suppose to be finished with law school, working 50 hour weeks, married and enjoying being a newlywed. I guess it all goes back to #1 and my lack of control in my life.

3. I've been a member of my current church for as long as I've lived in VA, so 16 years almost, but recently I've been very unhappy with it. I'm thinking about changing churches and it scares me.

4. I want a baby like yesterday but b/c of my need to control things and the fact that we have so much debt this won't be happening for a least another year. I never thought I'd have kids and now....I sure could use that money tree.

5. I hate my job, not the people I work with (although I do have a strong dislike for one and am aggevated often by another). I wish I could be a professional wedding planner, but this just isn't realistic so I suffer through.

6. I wish that all the wonderful ladies I had in my life 5 years ago in college were closer, especially April, Cheronda, Linds, Sarah and Brooke. 5 very different ladies that I all helped me not only survive college but enjoy it. I talk to the first four every once in a while, but not nearly enough. Unfortunately Brooke and I have kind of lost touch. She's busy with her new life and I'm happy for her but I wish I could be a part of it just a little.

7. HOORAY!!! We finally have heat.

What a downer post! I'll try to come up with happy thoughts for later.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Remember when we were kids our parents would ask us if we thought money grew on trees? Now as a grown-up (don't tell anyone) I kind of wish it did. Before we bought our house we had all kinds of money, we couldn't run off to Vegas or anything but we were comfortable. Now we're BROKE all the time and it's stressing me out. We paid for our entire wedding ourselves, but most of it was on credit cards and so now that's what we're paying off. $22000 that was suppose to be close to paid off before we bought a house and then we realized we could no longer take living in a shit hole so we move the home buying up. No biggy except I HATE being broke. Now I'm in school, which I had planned to do without financial aid, and we have all these things that the house needs but I refuse to put anymore on credit cards...not that we could right now even if we wanted to. So as of Monday I've issued a freeze on all spending. Grocery lists will be cut back to minums and only stuff on sale or that I have coupons for will be bought. No more wine :( or beer :( or fun extras. No more movies or dinners out for the hubz and me. We've got to get this money thing under control. By February one credit card, $1300, will be paid off HOORAY!!! But that's not good enough. I want a baby but know it's not responisble to bring a baby with so much debt so I need that credit card debt cut in half before we can start TTC. Wish me luck!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Review

The weekend started off not to bad. Saturday the step-son had soccer and then we headed to the pumpkin patch where hubz got us 105 lbs worth of pumpkins for $27. NICE!!! Afterwards he headed off to a poker game leaving me home alone with nothing to do, so I watched Lifetime. Sunday was Church where we found out that there's a retreat we have to go to that step-son has had info about for a month but never informed us of. For 9 he's super irresponsible and hubz doesn't help the situation by doing things for him. I cleaned some of the the house, argued with hubz about his lack of assistance around the house....though he "helps" he just can't say one of two chapters for school and headed to the Elks Lodge to meet the moms for the Skins game. This was my weekend highlight...WE WON!!! So though my anniversary game was tarnished by a lost to the Rams, who by the way whipped up on the Cowboys, we're back on the winning track-at least I hope.

Hubz and I started talking about babies at the pumpkin patch and I think I'm going to stop trying to control the situation and just let what happens happen. Sure I don't want to be pregnant for my SIL wedding in September 2009 and I don't want to be super pregnant for my sister's wedding in May 2010, but in order to keep this from happening I have to plan my baby making around others schedules. So in February when I meet with my GYN/Midwife I'll just talk to her and see what I need to do to start getting ready and we'll take it from there. Hubz and I have agreed we don't want anymore kids after we're 35 so that leaves us about 8 years so we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anniversary weekend

So hubz and I celebrated our Anniversary this past weekend and it was GREAT!!! I was off on Friday and spent the day go to the eye dr and doing grocery shopping. Hubz got off early and we just hung out for a while, and tried to find strong men to help us get our free hot tub...more on this later. We went to dinner at outback and then went to see Eagle Eye in IMAX. I don't really get the whole hubbub about IMAX, but hubz was excited so....Saturday we didn't sleep in (grrrr...not happy about that) but instead got up to go get our hot tub which we wound up not getting because we still didn't have enough muscle instead we just went to check it's NICE. After we got home we just lounged around while hubz planned a super secret nite out. At about 530ish he informed me I needed to change into something HOT and I had to be ready by 7. After three changes I was ready and we were off to buy me new shoes, my incentive for getting ready early, but I didn't find anything :( So we head out to finally arrive at....THE MELTING POT!!!!!! Now I know some people don't like that you have to cook your own food here but I LOVE this place. We had a nice relaxing dinner, and we got our picture taken and a little gift from the Melting Pot. We left and went to PJ Skiddo's because we're so old and didn't want to go into the District to FUR. We were home by about 1am. It was great. Sunday we went to the Redskins game and sat ON the field, we were so close we could have touched the players...if we'd actually scored more than one touchdown in each in-zone. Sitting right behind us was...the parents of Clinton Portis...OMG!!!!! We'll never have seats like this again...I relished every minute.

So that was our weekend. It was great. When we finally got home my bestest friend, her husband and daughter came over for dinner and the step-son was dropped off at home and it was back to real life. I cherish the weekends hubz and I get to ourselves b/c we don't get them very often. So I'll hold this one close for a while b/c it's certain to be a while until we get another.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crazy Fever...

That's baby fever. Hubz and I plan to have kids and definatly sooner rather than later. However, I also have plans to get my Master's which I'm working on. While I know plenty of people go to school and have babies I just don't think I want the me selfish but I think it's responsible. I could never give a newborn or school the full attention either would deserve. So we're waiting but only another year because while I couldn't give school and a baby my full attention I could still be pregnant and going to school.

So for now I fawn over all the cute baby pictures on the nest. Not to mention those of my newest adopted nephew, Mason and my niece Elizabeth. Soon to be added to my baby madness is my newest niece or nephew from my baby sister. With all these babies hopfully my fever will subside until next fall. Here's hoping....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Day of School

Two posts in five minutes...I'm on fire!

You know how when you were younger you used to anticipate the first day of school? YOu'd be full of nerves and excitment. That's how I was last nite. It was my first Master's class and I was a little unsure of what to expect. I had stopped for coffee on the way and wound up being about 10 mintues early which really turned into about 20 minutes early because the professor was late. After talking with a guy in class I learned that she's always late so I'll be planning for that the rest of the quarter. The class started off not to bad. We paired up to learn about someone in the class and then everyone introduced thier partners. My partner was a girl name Aida from Ethopia. She'd just moved here two weeks ago from Minnesota. She's cool we'll get along so at least I have one "friend". After all that the professor gave us a break, intros took about an hour, when we came back she jumped into explaining about herself and the class. The last hour was spent talking about SWOT/TOWS Analysis. This course is kind of a review of everything I learned in undergrad, since I was a business major, but it shouldn't be too bad. The only thing I don't like is we have to work in groups..ALOT and we have a presentation that's going to require me to buy a skirt or dress and hose because apparently women don't wear pants suits to job interviews? WHAT? So we shall see....more to come on this.


I'm a little behind because I meant to post yesterday about my fantastic husband and our anniversary. Though it wasn't how I would have liked to spend our anniversary, we were bowling, it still was memorable. I got home from work and hubz was still at work, or so I thought, at about 515 I called him to see if he was going to make it home before bowling or if the step-son and I would just have to meet him there. He said he'd have to meet us there and of course I was not happy I mean it was our anniversary and rather than getting a few minutes at home we'd be spending the whole nite at a bowling alley..FUN!!! So I hopped in the truck, stopped and Chik-Fil-A for dinner and just as I was to the lanes called to ask if he wanted Taco Bell...such a romantic dinner, good thing I'd cooked the fantastic beef wellington the night before. I got to the lanes and he was in the parking lot waiting for me. We walked into the lanes and there's a GIANT bouquet of ballons along with a beautiful arrangement of flowers...I was SOOOO suprised, he's not as romantic as I wish but he definately has his moments. Once we got all settled he handed me my cards (yes two we always do a funny and a serious) then handed me a piece of paper with a recipe for Broccoli Cheese Sauce...I thought nice a piece of paper, but then I turned it over and what did I see...a picture of TWO REDSKINS TICKETS!!!! We're going to the game this Sunday against the Rams and sitting in the SECOND ROW!!! He's so good to me.

Monday, October 6, 2008

1 year

One year today I married the love of my life. While it hasn't been the easiest year it's definately been memorable. In the last year we: got married, bought a puppy, hosted Christmas dinner, had our basement flooded numerous times, battled homebuying in a foreclouser market, bought a house and finally house broke aformentioned puppy. We also celebrated in the engagements of two of our sisters as well as two of my favorite UT girls and celebrated the arrival of our newest niece and newest adopted nephew.

In our first year of marriage I've truly come to belive that what does not kill us makes us stronger and that God has a plan for us. 5 years ago I would have never seen my self married, with a step-son, two dogs and house. But here I stand. Stronger, wiser and loved unconditionally. I know I'm not the easiest of people to love or even get a long with but some how God found this perfect man who compliments me and makes me stronger. I realize it's only one year, but I know that know matter what I can count on hubz to be by my side cheering me on no matter what and I'll be doing the same for him.

So where will be this time next year??? Maybe pregnant and definately celebrating life to the fullest.

For just in case he should decide to read this...not that he ever does:
I love you husband!!! Happy Anniversary!

Friday, October 3, 2008

HOORAY for Friday!!!!

I'm so glad it's Friday. It's been a crazy week and work and a lazy week at home. I've got these big plans to have big things done by Christmas, but have done nothing to even get any of them started. SLACKER!!! So although tomorrow will be mostly abused by soccer for the step-son I'm getting stuff done..damn it! Except first I must travel to Springfield with my favorite sister-in-law to make hair appointments for wedding next year. She may not have an acutal place to get married, but at least everyone will be able to get their hair done...I think it's funny. Anyways....Sunday is FOOTBALL and dinner for mine and hubz' first anniversary. The anniversary's actually Monday, but we're bowling so we'll do dinner Sunday and presents on Monday. WOOHOO...just how every girl wants to spend her first wedding anniversary. Eh..whatever I'm sure it's just precurser for what every other one will be like.

In other news...I still hate my job, but I'm starting to remedy that fact since I'll be starting my Master's Program on Tuesday!!! I'm started looking at the calendar and if things work out I'll be graduating in May 2010, just before my 10 year high school reunion..NICE!! Big things will be happening in 2010 my middle sister is getting married that May and we may have a baby! It seems so far away but it'll be here before I know it...I mean it's already October I don't know where the year went.

Well until later....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Skins Win, 1st Mortgage

So HOORAY the Skins beat the Cowboys on Sunday. This is the 5th time in seven meetings. I work with alot of Cowboys fans so when we beat the "Boys" the Monday following is always GREAT!!!

We made our first mortgage payment this past weekend. It was sad to write such a large check, but it's for OUR house so it's totally worth it.

My 1st wedding anniversary is next Monday, which means this weekend should be our anniversary weekend. However, apparenlty hubz thinks that means our anniversary weekend is next weekend...what? It's whatever though. I knew when I married him that romance wasn't his strong suit. If I want any romance in this marriage it's all going to rest on my shoulders. So since he's made plans to work, go on bike rides and other stuff...I'll be spending the weekend drinking the wine I got at the wine festival I went to with my most favorite sister-in-law.

After a hectic couple of days things are starting to slow back down at work so I have plans to update this blog more often and maybe edit my 101 things in 1001 days.

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