Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween - 2014

Halloween is my MOST favorite day of the year.  It's likely because it's my birthday but also since having kids I love to see them dressed up in their costumes.  The Bean is old enough to finally be excited about his costume and he even made the decision on what he was going to be.  It was a tough decision for him but he finally settled on Olaf, with a carrot nose, from the movie Frozen.  He wanted Baby Girl to be Anna but unfortunately the smallest that costume comes in, ANYWHERE, is a 3T and she's little so....she's going to be Minnie Mouse instead, which fine by here because she's almost 2 and doesn't know what's going on and she LOVES Minnie.

Did I mention it was my birthday too?! I'm sure I've mentioned my LOVE for birthdays...LOVE THEM!  And my  own is no different.  Normally I leave the birthday plans for me to my husband but this year I took things into my own hands and we're having a costume party!  We were going to do a family costumes but I'm not sure it's going to work out...we'll see.  I can't wait to see all our friends and family dressed up, it's sure to be a great time, with pictures to follow.

Friday, October 10, 2014

4-Years Old - The Bean

This  post is over a month late but I want it to be here so that when my Bean graduates I'll have all his birthday letters in one place to print out.

My Sweet, sweet Boy
I'm not sure how it's happened but with this last birthday we've come right up to the start of school.  Next year when we celebrate your birthday we'll also be marking a milestone.  It seems like so long since we hit a bit milestone but in less than 365 days we'll be at one of the important ones. 

This last year has been amazing and tiring and patience testing & growing.  Everyone always talks about the terrible twos, but nobody ever mentions three.  The threes were hard for us.  You pushed every boundary and then some but we here we are on the other side of them and only a little worse for wear.  But lest you think they were all bad I want you to know that three was also a fantastic time.  Three was when you became a "big" boy!  Learning how to use the potty, recognizing your name and asserted a little independence, much to mine and daddy's dismay.

Now as we enter four I can wait to see how you change and develop.  This next year will not only be about making memories and making sure you're ready for school but it'll also be about you and your sister becoming closer and you learning to be even more independent.  I'm sure this next year won't be all rainbows and butterflies but just like the three years before it I know it'll be making you into the man you're destined to be.

I love you more today then the day you were born my sweet boy.  You're spunk and defiance are part of you as much as they're apart of us.  As we close out this phase I hope you know that your future is bright and Daddy and I have nothing but the highest of hopes and greatest love for you.

Forever & Always