Thursday, August 26, 2010

4 Weeks to go ... or so

I'm 36 weeks today! Next week I'm full term and Burrito could very well decide s/he is ready to make an appearance, although my "intuition" tells me this baby's going to be a lot like most of the family and make a late appearance, but we shall see. The nursery is done. All the neutral clothes are washed and put away and Gozer has decided that underneath the crib is his favorite new spot to hang out, I think he and Burrito are going to best friends! Nesting has set in and my house and freezer meals will be done in the next two weeks, God willing. I'm "ready" or as ready as one can be for the big change that's about to take place. I have no anxiety about labor or becoming a Momma. Maybe it's because I know hubz will be right there with me through it all or because I've had 9 months of growing this kid to prepare but either way I'm as "ready" as I can be.

The ladies over on my chat boards have all started talking about inductions and internals. Me I'm happy to let this kid come when s/he is damn good and ready. So unless something happens there will be no forcing Burrito before it's time and Momma does care about her "progress" or lack there of. It'll all happen when it's meant to happen. When did I become so zen? Who knows, but I'll take it. I've remained pretty stress free through this preganancy, minus the constant vomiting the first 5 1/2 months, and my hope is to maintain that until the end. Now when Burrito is here chances are that all bets are off. As hubz teases me I'm somewhat high strung and easily excited and worked up but hey that's just me.

With 4 weeks to go I've just started swelling and more on my right side then my left. The doc says it's probably because that's where Burrito is hanging out. Who knows but I have a club foot and it's a little freaky! But hey if I made it almost all the way through without any swelling I'll take it.

Okay well on to the survey:
How far along: 36 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: As of my 34 week appt I was still down about 6 lbs, I'll find out where I am on Monday.
Maternity clothes: Heck yes they're comfy
Stretch marks: Nope, not any new ones that weren't there before anyway
Sleep: It's as good as can be expected at 36 weeks I guess. I get up 1-2 times to pee and I never get really good sleep so I'm always tired, but it's totally worth it.
Best moment this week: Finishing the nursery
Food cravings:Red Robin steak fries and freckled lemonade and I got both yesterday!
Gender: It's a baby!
Labor signs: Just the braxton hicks. I might have had one or two contractions a couple weeks ago but who knows
Belly button in or out? Neither it's just flat :(
What I miss: Wine and sushi and sleeping on my stomach
What I'm looking forward to:My work shower on Tuesday!
Weekly wisdom: I'm to tired to be wise this week
Milestones: swollen feet?

Monday, August 23, 2010

30 Days to go

Today is 23 August that means that Burrito is due to make an appearance in exactly 30 days!!!! While I'm not nervous about labor & delivery I'm anxious about everything after. I love our family but I don't want to be swarmed by all of them. I want to breastfeed but what if it doesn't work out? Hubz can't take time off so I'm by myself straight out of the starting gate and to say I'm already feeling overwhelmed is an understatment. But I'm taking it all in stride and remembering my belief that God doesn't give us what we cannot handle. So I'll handle becoming a momma just like everything else, one step at a time, and as everyone reminds me all I have to do is ask for help and I got it...the problem is first asking.

With 30 days to go will still have a lot to get done. The nursery is baby ready but I still need to vacum and hang some stuff on the walls. The master bedroom and bathroom got a good cleaning this past weekend and the kitchen and entire middle level are getting done this week and coming weekend. That'll just leave the basement and garage. It's a bit daunting but if Hubz helps out we'll get it all done before Burrito gets here and if not, well the kid just won't be allowed on the floors. I'm also doing a few freezer meals this weekend as well. Just a few things for while we're still trying to adjust to baby at first and then to me going back to work in Novemberish.

So 30 days! Let the madness begin!

Friday, August 6, 2010

7 weeks to go!!!

Holy guacamole! In 7 weeks, give or take, I could be a momma! I went to a breastfeeding class last Sunday, but didn't get much out of it. However, a friend delievered at the same hospital that I'm delivering at and she assures me that there will be plenty of people there ready and will to help me so here's hoping. The nursery is just about done..the crib is up, all we need is the mattress, and the dresser should be here next week. Then I can get the wall hangings and decals up and we'll be all set, at least in the nursery.

My work is throwing me a shower the end of this month so while there's still things we need I don't want to wind up with tons of extras so we're holding off until after that shower before we buy any last minute stuff. By the time that shower rolls around I'll be full term, 37 weeks, and really Burrito could make an apperance anytime. We're not missing too much...still need the ever important car seat and then the pack-n-play and swing. My mom and hubz' step-mom already have a plan to get this stuff taken care of for us so we'll just have to worry about any little stuff like diapers, wipes and probably some newborn clothes.

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm "ready". The truth is yeah I am I look at having this baby just like anything else new I take on. I'm only going to do the best I can and count on God to guide me. Hubz and I we make a good team and I have no doubt that we'll be great parents, well he already is, but I'm going to AWESOME! I know most women are scared and I'm not saying I'm not but I've said it before...God doesn't give us what we can't handle. If He didn't think I was ready for this then it wouldn't be happening. So as this pregnancy slowly but surely starts to wind up I feel myself getting excited for this next page in mine and hubz' lives.

With that I leave with the Survey:
How far along: 33 weeks, 1 day
Total weigh gain/loss: -9.6, I've gained back about 4 from original 14 I lost but really it's not me it's the baby so...but the doc's not worried so neither am I.
Maternity clothes: oh heck yeah and lots of dresses they're loose and flowy and comfy
Stretch marks? no new ones
Sleep: More bad than good, but no insomnia that I've heard happens in 3rd tri so I'll take it
Best moment this week: The little goodies that step mother-in-law suprised us with just
Food Cravings: Nothing really, most days I have to force myself to eat because food just doesn't intrest me.
Gender: no clue for a few weeks there I thought maybe boy, but now I'm thinking maybe girl...well I have a 50/50 chance of getting it right, we'll see in September.
Labor signs: not unless you count BH
Belly button in or out: neither it's just flat but hubz things it may pop before all is said and done which would be weird since it's a very deep innie normally
What I miss: Coffee, wine & Sushi in that order...oh and sleeping on my stomach
What I'm looking forward to: Seeing my bestie again in a couple of weeks
Weekly wisdom: something I said in the beginning of this adventure, "take it all in". I especially feel this way now that the end is gettting closer.
Milestones: does have a foot or something in my ribs count? Oh hubz heard Burrito's heartbeat just by laying his head on my belly and sometimes he scares the baby when he does rasberries on my belly and thinks it's the funniest thing! I love that man!

Until next time, which I'm sure means 2 weeks. I really have to get my shower pics up!