Friday, April 26, 2013

Ramblings ...Again

Once again I've left my blog without words for far too long, at least for my liking, so now to get things caught up.  It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Swiftly Growing house and things don't look to be slowing down.

The step-son has kept us especially busy with band performances and Boy Scout duties.  He'll finish up middle school in the next couple of weeks and then be starting high school in the fall so I know this is only the beginning of the crazy schedule he'll be keeping.  While it's sometimes equal parts exhausting and exhausting I wouldn't change it.  I remember this time in my life and before we know it he'll be headed off to college and we'll miss the pace of our lives with constantly running him around.  Of course the slow pace will be short lived before our wee ones are requiring the Momma/Daddy taxi service.

My niece, and Hubz's, Goddaughter, celebrated her 1st Communion last weekend. It made me smile with nostalgia and look forward to when I'm celebrating the same milestone with my wee ones.  It's funny how as a parent we start to look forward to things that we barely remember as kids but becoming a parent makes it all so much clearer.

It's a big weekend for Baby Girl.  Tomorrow she'll be getting Baptized.  It's a little later than I would have liked but still earlier than her brother.  Maybe with the next baby I'll get it within that 3 month window.  Of course as is the case with big gatherings I'm not even close to ready.  Baby Girl has a chest cold or allergies or something so she's been a little clingy this week making it very difficult to get anything done.  Luckily today's my early day so I'll be running errands after work before picking up the kids and then doing tons of prep and cleaning tonite.  Tomorrow my day will start at 6 since I have to pick-up bagels and donuts and then get back to the house in time to get everyone up and dressed and out the door by 930.  I'll be ready for a nap with the lady of the hour by the time everyone leaves.

Next weekend should be a nice slow weekend with nothing but yard work, my husband is a slave driver.  It'll all be worth it when our yard finally looks nice but just thinking about it makes me groan.  I wish we could just pay someone to do it, not that that would ever happen since Hubz has a love/hate relationship with yard work.  He hates it but doesn't want anyone else to do it because they won't do it right...I don't understand this.

Make it a great weekend.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston, oh Boston

Once again our country has been hit with a senseless act of violence with no explanation about why but plenty of questions. Today as runners were finishing the Boston Marathon, a run that many train a year for, a bomb went off, followed closely by a second. Police would later find at least two more that had not been detonated. As I'm writing this post 3 people have already died and countless others have been injured, some in critical condition.

As with the events of Sandy Hook I'm having problems processing how anyone could plan and carry out something so horrendous!? What brings someone to a point In their own lives where they think nothing about taking the lives of innocent people? I wonder if they thought about the countless lives their actions would affect and if they even hesitated for a moment.

My heart hurts thinking of his world I'm leaving to my kids, my nieces and nephews and future generations. I shed tears for the innocence that is lost every time something so senseless happens but the. I read something on face book that reminds that we are nation of survivors. That we as a nation don't take things lying down, we fight back and we lean on each other and these reminders they give me hope. Hope that just maybe it's all going to be okay not perfect but okay.

So to tonite as I'm nursing my baby girl to sleep I'll probably rock her a little longer and hold her a little closer but simply because before I know it she'll off into a world that isn't always kind but that always gets back up when it's pushed down. As I I'm reading a story to my little terror I'll hug and snuggle him a little longer but only because I know what's waiting for him.

Rest easy Bostonians you have an entire nation behind you. We weep for you, we pray for, we mourn for you and we fight for you. We are after all, "One Nation Under God."

Sunday, April 14, 2013

5 Months - Baby Girl

Sweet Baby Girl

The time is just speeding by.  Here we are another month gone and you always changing and growing.  You're flipping, I don't really call in rolling since you can only go from your tummy to your back but I imagine any day now you'll be rolling all over the place.  Your brother, my first born and the bestest big brother, finally got you to laugh this week and he's the only one that's been able to get a laugh out of you.  It made my cry at first and now I laugh right along with you to crazy kiddos.  I've packed up your 0-3 month clothes, it seems like you were just wearing them and they were too big but it really has been 5 months.  You're quite the vocalizer these days cooing and babbling, Momma loves it!  You're still not the greatest sleeper but like your brother I know it'll happen, eventually ... I hope and if you don't figure it out on your own, in the next 7 months, I'll help you figure out after that.

At the end of the month you'll be Baptized and while I know you don't know what it means right now you'll understand the importance when you're older.  For me it reminds me of the incredible responsibility I have to not only raise you to be a caring, compassionate, accepting person but also to teach you to believe in something bigger than you or me.  It's a daunting task really but one I'm confident that God will lead me through, he did after all give me the blessing of making me your Momma so he must have faith that I can do it.

My sweet, sweet girl in the next month you will celebrate your half-birthday.  And we'll be on the down hill slide to your first birthday.  I can't believe how fast it's flying by.  I know you won't remember these 12 months but for me they'll be some of my best memories because I spent them watching you grow and change.  In the grand scheme of things these 5 months have been but a blip in the movie of your life but oh how amazing those little blips have been.

I love you my sweet girl.

Forever & Always,

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ramblings ...

I keep telling my self that I'm going to get better about blogging, then my life overwhelms me again and well 3 weeks go by before I find time to blog.  It kind of makes me sad because this is supposed to be my place to get my thoughts out and chronicle my kids lives and my life but the one thing I want to be sure to have memories of is the one thing that keeps me from doing it.  It's a vicious cycle really.

I found a new blog several months ago that speaks to my heart, Momastry.  Glennon, the writer, has a way with words that brings tears to my eyes and shaking my head in complete agreement with everything she says.  She hasn't had an easy life and she's completely upfront about that but she also knows that God, her faith in something bigger than us, is what guides her and leads her and allows her continue to try.  Like I said she speaks to my heart.

The Bean is in full blown terrible twos and most days I just don't handle it well.  There's too much yelling, by us both, and not enough laughing and just being.  I'm trying to get a handle on it and just when I think I do, I realize I don't.  I'm trying to remember that this stage is normal, I even read an article that said so, but oh how it trys my already frazzled nerves.  Luckily I know everyday is another day to do better, for both of us.

Sweet baby girl is still sweet and cute and I'm cherishing every minute.  As crazy as it sounds I'm sad that we won't be ready for #3 as soon as I would like but that just means she gets to be my baby a little longer.  She recently started flipping from her tummy to her back.  At first she was not happy about it but now she's all smiles and coos after she does it, she's so proud of herself.  She's on the verge of starting to laugh as well, I can't wait to see what things really get her going.  I can't believe she'll be 5 months in a couple of weeks. 

In June Hubz and I will be together for 10 years!  It's crazy that it seems like forever and not forever all at the same time.  I was hoping to pull something special together for us but with an impending furlough, a car that it appears it may need a new transmission, summer camp for the step-son and bills that's highly unlikely to happen. Why is that to the two most inconvenient, money sucking things always wind up to happen at the same time?  We're hoping the warranty we got with the car will cover most if not all of the transmission problem but to be honest I'm not hopeful just because that's our life and when it rains it pours.

So there's my ramblings and goings on for the last three weeks.  I really am going to try and be better, although I'm not sure why I'm worried about it since I don't really have any followers.  Of course with the broken transmission comes me being the one that gets to do Daycare drop off and pick-up...HOORAY! Not really since that also means not rest for the weary, or the Momma, since the Hubz basically won't have to do anything on weekdays except sleep in and get home late, which is what he does now anyway.  It only sucks a little.

Happy Monday!  Don't let anyone fool ya, it is after all April Fools.