Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 Days til Christmas

With only three days until Christmas I think I'm the most stress free I've been in years!  It feels great.  I finished up all our shopping, except for a few stragglers, last Friday and hubz and I have just about gotten everything wrapped except for our gifts to each other.  I'd love to be like my Momma and have wrapped gifts as we got them but they just kept coming and before I knew it we were at the week before Christmas.

Now if only I didn't have to work this entire week ... BOO!  It's brain numbingly boring at work this week.  Most people are on vacation so it's very quite and since it's our slow time of year I don't have much to do.  I just sit staring at my computer screen wishing for someone to send me an email requesting information that will take me longer than five minutes to get, but no such luck.

We bought our tree last weekend and it's ready to be decorated by Santa on Saturday.  Then we'll just get to sit back and relax, I'm really looking forward to it. 

With only three days left, what do you still have to do?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - A late Turkey Day Photo

I took this on Thanksgiving and was looking back on pictures in my phone when I came across it.  I'm so in love with this little boy and find it hard to remember my life without him.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wedndesday - New Trick

Somebody learned a new trick last nite.

Crappy cell phone picture, I need an iPhone.

So about that lack of baby gates in my house ....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Photo Card

Wintry Wonderland Holiday
Shutterfly always has unique designs for our holiday cards.
View the entire collection of cards.
For the second year in a row shutterfly came through with a fantastic photo Christmas card.  Sure I do most of the work with the pictures and placement but Shutterfly makes it so easy that they are now my go to place when ordering Christmas cards, invites or anything photo related really.  I can't wait to get them in the mail and send them out to all our friends and family!

Wordless(ish)Wednesday - 15 Months

My sweet boy is 15 months today!  Where has the time gone? It seems like we were just celebrating your birthday and now you're a quarter of the way to your 2nd.  My oh my what a difference 3 months can make.
You're doing so many things you weren't doing just 3 short months ago. Things like:
  • Walking (you just started this in the last week or so)
  • "Talking" -- although I use that term loosely because it's really just babbling but sometims I swear you're really trying to have conversation with us.
  • Tantrums -- not fun and I'm hoping these stop as quick as they started
  • NOT sleeping STILL -- Momma's exhausted sweet boy
  • Your words are ever changing and growing you now say -- Momma, ball, night-night, Aidan, nom-nom, mmmmm, Daddy, car and I think dog but you don't say it often enough for me to be sure
  • You LOVE to close things -- doors, cabinets, drawers whatever.  If it's open you're closing it, or using an open door to eat dog food (I can still see you silly boy!)
  • You're getting so tall you can reach things on the table and counters now so Momma has to be extra careful to push things back, although I doubt that's going to stop you for long.
  • Speaking of how tall you are you can also reach door handles now, although you don't know how the work just yet.
  • You've also started climbing on to the stair landings.  I imagine it won't be long before you're climbing the stairs.
My sweet, sweet boy I can't believe that in another 3 months's you'll be 1 1/2!  I can't wait to see what other fun ways you develop and grow!  Momma loves you!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy today with news from my Dad that my Grandma is in the hospital and it doesn't look good.  I thought we'd have a little more time, I had plans to go visit in the spring with the Bean and hopfully and new little bundle growing in my belly.  She hasn't even met her newest great grandchild.

Growing up an Army brat we didn't really spend a lot of time with our extended family, but we always knew they were there.  I don't have many memories of my Grandma, the one I remember the most is the time we lived with here while my dad got things set-up in Italy and there was a tornando.  It was scary and an adventure all at the same time, I imagine that's just a skill grandparents have.  Now as I sit here wondering if I'll be traveling south to Tennessee sometime this week I'm sad that my kids will never get to know her, or any of their great grandparents on my side personally but only through my memories.

I wish that I'd made the trip this summer like I'd originally planned and then life got in the way.  Life always gets in the way.  But I'm making a note to stop letting it be the reason for not getting important things, like time with family and friends,  done.  It's true ... tomorrow is not guranteed, we only have today.  If you can spare a prayer or two I'd greatly appreciate it.

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