Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well after a fantastic trip to Florida. I'm back and not happy about it at all, but what can you do.

April was a beautiful bride and who knew Adam cleaned up so well? They were both glowing and I'm so happy that I was asked to be a part of their day. The ceremony was wonderful and the reception was a party, with many UT Alums in attendance. I drank waaaaaaaaaaayyy to much and paid for it the whole plane ride home. I'll upload pictures soon, that's assuming I can figure it out.

So now I'm back and still NO HOUSE!!! Everyone keeps saying that we'll find something and I know but WHEN?! I'm sick on this crap whole that oh by the way now has small mold problem in the basement bathroom/laundry room. And the AC still isn't working great and fat bastard hasn't sent anyone out to charge it like he said he would. BIG suprise, right?

In better news, I had my mid-year review yesterday and my boss had glowing words for me. She does want me to do more analysis then I currently do, although it's not normally necessary since most of what I do is no brainer, but okay. And she wants me to take on some supervisory stuff when we have people helping, not that that happens often. My mom says she maybe forming me to take over when she leaves but she's not retirement age for a while still and I don't plan on being here till then. We'll see what happens though. Seems life is nothing like I expected it to be at almost 27 so ya never know.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

28 hours & counting

In about 28 hours and 50 minutes I'll be out of this office and on my way to the airport to go to Tampa. It can't get here soon enough. Of course in that time I have to pack, for me and hubz and for the step-son to go to my mom's. I have to run errands and make sure that the animals are going to get taken care of.

Oh...so last nite hubz steam cleaned our upstairs carpet, the stupid puppy is STILL not house broken, and not even 10 minutes after he was done the puppy s#*t on the carpet. NICE! I tell you what, we have to break him of this habit before we get a new house. I'll be damned if he's going to be using the house as his personal bathroom!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Bad

Ooppps....this was suppose to be my way to vent and I've been letting in lag. So it's a week since the last time I posted and not to much has changed. We still have no house and we're on hold for the house that was our pretty close to dream house. We've found another we're putting an offer in on today, but that's all I'm saying in hopes of not jinxing it.

On Thursday I leave for Tampa for April & Adam's wedding. I can't wait. April is one of my favorite people and I'm so excited to be a part of her big day. I truely believe she helped me survive my last year of college by keeping me sane. She and Adam are perferct for each other and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Homelife for me is a little rocky this week. I'm very aggrevated with the lack of partnership I feel that hubz and I have in our relationship. I often feel like I'm the only one doing things and in order for me to get him to do anything I have to ask multiple times. My step-son is suppose to leave for Texas to see is bio-mom the Sunday after July 4th but as of yet the stupid woman can't be bother to call and tell us what's up. We haven't budgeted for summer camp this summer but I have this sneaking feeling we're going to be paying for it. I disagree often with hubz family on her involvoment with step-son b/c I think it's important for him to have a relationship with her and form his own opinions of her, but after this year I'm starting to rething that. She never calls, send letters or cards or has any interactions with him unless we call her. It's just ridiculous to me. He's 8. How do you explain to him his mom's worthless? Especially when he has a half-sister that she takes care of alone?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ummm...Just Kidding

So I had reserved talking about this because I didn't want to jinx anything, but now it looks like it doesn't matter. We found a house. And now after 36 hours we've lost it. Apparently the bank has decided that even though we accepted their counter offer that would require us to pay our own down payment they've changed their mind and now want us to pay our 3% down payment along with 2% of closing costs amounting to a gran total of $15000 we'd need at closing. RIGHT!!!! Because I have that kind of money lying around?! If I didn I seriously doubt we'd be looking at forclosures that require us to deal with stupid banks that take forever to get back to you and then change the rules half-way through. So though this house was perfect, minus the putting green carpet, it looks like, as usual, it just wasn't meant to be. Now we're stuck in the crap whole that is our house until mid-July. Oh HOORAY!!! NOT!!! I'm so pissed off right now.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

HOT Water

Well, FINALLY after almost a week we have hot water again. The stupid plumber spent almost five hours at the house on Satruday to finally tell me at about 630ish that we need a hot water heater. Ummmm...ya think! So he called the property management guy, as did hubz, and they say we'll have it Sunday. Wake-up sunday at 1030 and at around 12 call property managment fatty to find out when the plumber would be at the house..he can't come b/c he has family stuff. Here's an idea fat bastard find someone else...I WANT HOT WATER!!!!! He assures hubz we'll have hot water on Monday. Luckily I was home Monday afternoon, no AC at work (WHAT THE HELL!!!) and sure enough plumber dude showed up, flooded our unfinished area, replaced the hot water heater, and left a giant mess!!! We soooooo need our own house. If we'd owned this money pit at least we could have fixed the damn thing last week when it broke.

On a better not we looked at more houses on Sunday and found a couple we liked, but that's all I'm saying because I don't want to jinx it. So just pray or do whatever you do for good vibes for us. I so want out of this crap hole. I have started packing. Three boxes already done. I'm buying rubbermaid this weekend for some of my PartyLite stuff as well as my shoes and stuff. It's not like the rubbermaid won't get used, we have plenty of use for them.

I leave you with this. Summer's almost here!!!!!