Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby ... maybe ... NOT

Sigh ... my dear sweet girl is almost 9 months. Since she was born at 8 months she's been outside of me longer then she was in and while I want nothing more than for her to remain little and squishy for ever that's just not the way things work.  The world keeps spinning which means my babies keep growing and before I know it they're not babies anymore (tear).  Of course thinking about how fast their growing leads me to thinking about another, even though realistically we just can't afford another at this point but oh how I want one.  It's crazy really since little lady is the WORSE sleeper in the history of sleepers and did I mention I'm currently furloughed two days a week?  Yeah as the primary earner in our household that hurts a little and don't even get me started on the state of my marriage, we're in an unsettled place right now... all that to say it's just NOT a good time.  And yet I find myself daydreaming about another little babe growing inside of me and making his/her appearance, hopefully not to early like big sister.  I picture the toddler and baby girl loving a new little baby, a sibling, a new little someone to grow our family but it's just not the time.  I'll know when it's time, just like I did with the first two. 

The plan at this point is for it to be sometime next year, late summer/early fall, so we can plan for 2015 summer baby which puts me on maternity leave for summer (hello summer vacation!) and plenty of time to prepare myself for my sweet, sweet boy to start school but who knows!  Things just don't seem to be working out the way we want lately so ... as always it's in God's hands but oh how I hope he's on the same page as me.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

8 Months - Baby Girl

Shut the front door!  Wasn't I just writing your 7 month post, OK I was but that's because I was a slacker, but how did we zoom past another month so fast?  Speaking of zooming ... you're crawling faster than I ever remember your brother crawling and two days after you started crawling you decided it was over rated and started pulling your self up on everything and anything that would hold you up.  I imagine you'll be walking before your first birthday or not to long after it.  Your brother doesn't know what he's in for once you're up and running!

You're so babbly lately too. You've just got things to tell us, I guess.  It looks like you're cutting a tooth but it's been looking like you were cutting a tooth for several weeks now so really I'm only guessing, that's what most of parenting is guessing, that it's a tooth.  You're such a great eater but have decided that you'd like to forgo bottles, which is giving your daycare a little frustration but we've decided that you'll eat what you eat and as long as your eating your food then we're happy.  Since you're still nursing like a champ we're not too worried about it.

You celebrated your first 4th of July with our annual parade and a party at your grandparents.  No fireworks for you though, you were out before the sun was completely down and you slept through everything going on outside of the window of the room you were sleeping in. While we're on the topic of your sleeping the last week has seen you only waking once in the middle of the nite and I'm so thankful, I hope I don't jinx it.  It's nice getting about 5 hours of continuous sleep.  I forgot how much I missed it.

The next few months you'll be getting tons of Momma time, since I'm being furloughed.  We're gonna hit up the Beach with Nana, enjoy some pool time and just enjoy some lazy summer fun.  I'm hoping to make the best of a bad situation and not lose my mind at the same time.

In 4 months you'll be 1.  I'm not even sure how that's possible.  The last 8 months have just flown by.  As I watch your personality and your relationship with your brother develop my heart is full.  Your whole life is a head of us and I can't wait to see what it brings.

Forever & Always,