Monday, August 23, 2010

30 Days to go

Today is 23 August that means that Burrito is due to make an appearance in exactly 30 days!!!! While I'm not nervous about labor & delivery I'm anxious about everything after. I love our family but I don't want to be swarmed by all of them. I want to breastfeed but what if it doesn't work out? Hubz can't take time off so I'm by myself straight out of the starting gate and to say I'm already feeling overwhelmed is an understatment. But I'm taking it all in stride and remembering my belief that God doesn't give us what we cannot handle. So I'll handle becoming a momma just like everything else, one step at a time, and as everyone reminds me all I have to do is ask for help and I got it...the problem is first asking.

With 30 days to go will still have a lot to get done. The nursery is baby ready but I still need to vacum and hang some stuff on the walls. The master bedroom and bathroom got a good cleaning this past weekend and the kitchen and entire middle level are getting done this week and coming weekend. That'll just leave the basement and garage. It's a bit daunting but if Hubz helps out we'll get it all done before Burrito gets here and if not, well the kid just won't be allowed on the floors. I'm also doing a few freezer meals this weekend as well. Just a few things for while we're still trying to adjust to baby at first and then to me going back to work in Novemberish.

So 30 days! Let the madness begin!

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