Monday, February 7, 2011

5 Months

Dear Sweet Trip
Today you're five months and once again I wonder at where the time has gone!  You're so vocal these days laughing, cooing and grunting all the time.  You started rice cereal this last month and just last week you started oatmeal.  You defiantely perfer the oatmeal to the rice cereal.  Today on your five month birthday you'll start getting cereal twice a day, once in the morning with Ms. Diane, and then at nite like we've been doing for two weeks now. Before I know you'll be eating steak and potatos just like Daddy.  You found your feet this last month as well as your tongue, although to say you found them sounds funny because it's not like they were ever lost, but you are definately aware of them now.  Sophie the Giraffe is your favorite toy, you chew on her feet constantly!  Daddy and I are sure you're going to cut a tooth any day now.  Your sleep has been quite erratic lately but I can only assume it's because of the teething.  You got to experience your first snow and like Momma you weren't really a fan, Daddy's hoping you grow out of it but I'm hoping you don't so I have a buddy to snuggle with!

At the end of January you had your last appointment with the Geneticist at Children's!  They did a skin biopsy and it was by far the worse thing we've experienced yet.  But as is our trend you and I both survived and got through it.  Nana went with us so that Momma didn't have to go through it alone, that Nana's a special lady.  Now it's on to the Neurologist this month for a check-up.

This next month will bring your first big event!  At the end of the month you'll be Baptized.  This day is very important because it's where Momma, Daddy and your Godparents will promise to guide you towards Christ to the best our ability and I take that responsibility seriously.  Speaking of Godparents you'll get to see Aunt Mandy, Momma's bestest friend ever, for the first time since you were itty bitty and sick and meet Uncle Rob as well as there kids, Jojo and Kaleb.  Momma and Daddy are Kaleb's Godparents, which makes him super special to us, but Jojo is just as special.  They're the family we got to pick and I forsee you and Kaleb getting into lots of trouble together as you get older.  I'm hoping some other family can make the trip for this special occasion but only time will tell.

My dear sweet Bean my love for you grows every day and I can't imagine what we'll experience in this your 5th month of life.

I love you forever and always!

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