Thursday, November 14, 2013

One - 365 days - Baby Girl

Baby girl
For the sake of full disclosure,  I'm actually writing this first birthday a year late.  Being the Momma of two littles is nothing short of EXHAUSTING and some how I forgot to post my sweet girl's first birthday letter, so I'm doing it now!

How'd we get here so quick?  Just yesterday you were days old and finally coming home from the NICU and now your 1!  That went much faster than I wanted.  With your barely there hair and 6 little teeth you are the my reason for being most days, you and your brother.  I hardly remember life before you and for Bubba it's like you've always been here.

You're walking and jabbering, not really talking just yet, and getting into EVERYTHING but that not of that will change from here on out.  You LOVE food, LOVE IT and sometimes can out eat the boys, even your biggest brother!  I wonder if you'll always be like that or if eventually you'll become a picky eater.  You'll play for hours by yourself at the little kitchen we recently bought and it's the cutest thing, EVER! Bubba would prefer you play with him but sometimes a girl just needs alone time.

It was the fastest year and I'm sure the rest will go just as quickly, so I'll try not to blink.  Know that no matter what Momma & Daddy love you always.  Make the next year be as memorable as this first year.

Forever and Always.

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