Thursday, March 14, 2013

4 Months - Baby Girl

I wish I could understand how you're already 4 months! Everyday is a new adventure. You're so very different from your brother at this age which I guess is to be expected since you are two totally different little people. You're growing and changing every day and just like with your brother I stand in awe.

You absolutely love tummy time and have been sleeping on your belly since you were about 2 months old. You hat to be on your back, even when you're getting your diaper changed, unless someone is talking to you. Oh my word how you love o be talks to. You're guaranteed to smile if someone is talking to you.

You just recently discovered your tongue and your always sticking it out. It's so cute because it's so little. I suspect part of the reason for the sudden tongue sticking out is because you may be starting teeth, although if you're anything like your brother it'll be a while before teeth finally make an appearance.

You have your 4 month appointment tomorrow and I can't wait to see how much you've grown from two months ago, I know I'd a lot! It'll be interesting to see how you compare to your brother at this age. I can already tell you're not as long as he was but it's hard to say with the weight. The way you eat I wouldn't be surprised if you're bigger than he was but I'm hopeful it'll all even out in the end, I'd rather you have Daddy's family height than mine it makes it much easier buying clothes.

Baby girl these last four months have just flown by and while I would never wish any of this time away I can't wait to see what the next months hold for you, I do hope one of your developments is going to bed easier!

Momma loves you sweet girl!

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