Tuesday, June 3, 2008

HOT Water

Well, FINALLY after almost a week we have hot water again. The stupid plumber spent almost five hours at the house on Satruday to finally tell me at about 630ish that we need a hot water heater. Ummmm...ya think! So he called the property management guy, as did hubz, and they say we'll have it Sunday. Wake-up sunday at 1030 and at around 12 call property managment fatty to find out when the plumber would be at the house..he can't come b/c he has family stuff. Here's an idea fat bastard find someone else...I WANT HOT WATER!!!!! He assures hubz we'll have hot water on Monday. Luckily I was home Monday afternoon, no AC at work (WHAT THE HELL!!!) and sure enough plumber dude showed up, flooded our unfinished area, replaced the hot water heater, and left a giant mess!!! We soooooo need our own house. If we'd owned this money pit at least we could have fixed the damn thing last week when it broke.

On a better not we looked at more houses on Sunday and found a couple we liked, but that's all I'm saying because I don't want to jinx it. So just pray or do whatever you do for good vibes for us. I so want out of this crap hole. I have started packing. Three boxes already done. I'm buying rubbermaid this weekend for some of my PartyLite stuff as well as my shoes and stuff. It's not like the rubbermaid won't get used, we have plenty of use for them.

I leave you with this. Summer's almost here!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Curtis called me, you have a house! YAY! I'm happy for you.