Wednesday, July 15, 2009


When I was younger, not that I'm all that old, I used to set goals for myself and most of my life I reached them. Some of the big ones were graduate from high school, get into my dream college (FSU but didn't go), graduate from college, but it was after graduating from college that those goals started to fall apart. I was suppose to go to Law School, that was part of my 10 year plan, but I didn't get in. So I came home more b/c this is where hubz was then b/c I wanted to come home. Then I floundered for a few years. In October I started back to school to get my MBA if I can't get my J.D. I can at least get one of the two advanced degrees I wanted. Now I'm excelling in my core classes, hoping that carries over to my concentration classes, but I still feel unfulfilled. I realize part of the problem is that it's taking so long for me to get KTFU but it's also because I don't have anything of my own. Hubz plays softball and has friends/family to hang out with, but I got nothing. My sisters have always been closer to each other, they are twins, then me, my best friend is already a mom and has other things going on in her life not to mention she's moving to Cali in 3 weeks and I'm in a different place in my life then people I use to hang out with in high school. I need something to give my life meaning so that's why i decide to do the 101 things in 1001 days. Too bad that's not going to well either, but I'm going to change that. As of 28 June I had exactly two years to complete my list of 101 things, so far I've completed 12.5, I've failed at completing 2 (giving dates to complete by wasn't the best idea) and I'm in the process of completing 3. My goal is to have those three in process done by the end of the Labor day weekend. Here's hoping I meet my goal.

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