Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy Weekend

Last weekend was 4th of July. The step-son came back from Cub Scout camp and we had a very low key gathering with family, it was nice. Sunday we had Church, hubz went on a bike ride with my besties husband, one of the nephew's had a birthday and the step-son left to spend a couple days with my dad and the nephews. Then Monday our busy weekend caught up with me and I stayed home to sleep. I was exhausted before I was ever ready for work so I took a mental health day to sleep and do laundry.

Now I'm prepping for SIL bridal shower this weekend and another nephew's 10th birthday next weekend. The next couple of weekends are packed with family time and QT with the bestie, we're 30 days out. Not mention I started back to school and while I'm mad I'm taking a course that I don't think I should have to take at least I think it's going to be an easy 'A'. SIL wedding is a month an half a way and my 2-year anniversary is two and half months away. It's crazy! I have to get busy on finding hubz a gift to match what he got me last year.

On the baby front, still nothing, but I've decided to take the next 3-months (when getting PG would be great but not great timing)to do nothing. No temping, timing, NOTHING. In October I'll reevaluate and decide if I want to go back to temping. I feel like I tired it for 5 months and it didn't work I can't see how it will. I am going to start taking prenatels when I finish my normal multi-vitamin, just b/c I've read it's good to start taking them even before you get pregnant b/c it helps your body get used to them. We still have 6-months before we should start worrying but I'm frustrated!

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