Friday, January 7, 2011


Sweet baby boy,

4 months ago today you entered my life, changing it forever.  You were just a wee bit of thing when you were born and now 4 months later you're a bruise, as Daddy likes to call you.  You smile all the time now and recently just started laughing, especially when Daddy tickles you, you're so ticklish.  You rolled over, TWICE, two days after Christmas and started playing with your exersaucer on New Year's Eve.  You've just figured out that if you use your feet you can get the seat on the exersaucer to move and now you're really exploring your new toy.  You started sleeping in your crib on Christmas Eve and while Momma misses you being right next to her in your bassinet you've adapted well and have been sleeping so well.  You're just growing so fast Momma's afraid she's going to miss something.

Today you'll have a visit with Dr. Sophie so we can see just how big you've gotten since your last dr's appt and you'll get shots, this is definately my least favorite part because I hate to see you hurt and upset but I know it's for a good reason, to make sure you stay healthy.  We'll probably talk about starting you on some solid food but Momma's thinking about holding off on this milestone for a couple more months.

This next month will hopefully also be the last time we'll have to travel to Children's Hospital in DC! 

You truely are Momma's gift from God. Everyday I'm astounded and amazed at this little person you're slowly becoming and that I have a hand in making you the man you'll be. Momma loves you my handsome little Bean.


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