Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I shall not judge

This was my New Year's "resolution".  I'm very judgemental, I know this about myself and they say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.  So I decided to start 2011 off by declaring that I would attempt to be less judgemental, at least out loud. When I told Hubz this he said, "Welcome to being an adult."  Apparently adults aren't suppose to speak their minds and let everyone know what they think, it's stupid but okay.  Along, with being less judgemental I decide on a whim, actually it was late Sunday nite when I was loathing the idea of coming back to work after a glorious week off spent with the Bean, that I would start each day positively and try my hardest not to let other stupidity and pain in the assedness (<~ that's so a word) get me down.  So far I'm three days in and I'm going strong.  It's amazing what a positive attitude can do to make your day better.  And in case I should start to feel the bad attitude elf trying to bring me down I'll just look at the picture of my precious little bundle to remind me that he is very in tune with my attitude and feelings and I don't want him to experience anything negative until absolutely necessary.

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