Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Belated Birthday Shout Out

The last week has been very rough.  The Bean regressed from sleeping 10-12 hours a nite with no wake-up to waking up every two to three hours.  I think it was our trip but for the love of God a Momma was tired.  Then I got pink eye but didn't know it was pink eye until almost a week later...and now here we are a week after the birthday of my two favorite girls and I have yet to mention it. So without futher ado...

circa 2005

That's me with my girls on their  21st birthday, which is not what we celebrated this year so you do the math.  We were much younger and carefree back then. 

These two were my best friends before I knew what best friends were.  Sure they shared a womb for 9 months, in case you couldn't tell they're twins, so they'll always have a special bond but we're all sisters which lends itself to its own kind of bond.  I would do anything for them. And while they may not have always made the best choices, at least not the choices I would have had them make, they've done quite well in making lives for themselves with men who love them and baby boys that adore them. 

I'm a big believer in birthday celebrations.  It's the one time during the year that is all about you!  So you can believe I'm sure to impart this wisdom on to my younger siblings.  And these girls always take it to heart.  We did birthday dinner at a Japanese steak house, which coincidentally is also how we celebrate the aforementioned 21st birthday, with the fam.  Then the next nite it was a grown folks party at a bar where a friend works.  All in all a great weekend that ended with Easter, post to come later on the Bean's first Easter.

So though it's a little late:


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