Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Week

There was plenty to update about last week.  Like mine and the Bean's road trip to South Carolina, which was fantastic -- if I don't count the last hour coming home, or the fact that we now have a wide open summer with nothing we HAVE to do and plenty of things we WANT to do.  But I couldn't focus on any of that or do Wordless Wednesday with a cute picture of the Bean because I felt like I was drowning.  Drowning in an ocean of resentment, anger and pure emotional exhaustion.

I tried to step back from it and not let it take me over but it did and I felt like I just could not get the control back.  Anyone that knows me knows that control is something I have to have, especially of my life, in order to maintain my sanity and keep my Bitch under contrl but last week I just couldn't regain it.  I'd let it get to far out of my reach and stood outside of myself and watch as I slowly went under.  But after what was surely the roughest weekend I've had in a while I think, hope that things are going to turn around.  I figure after the slow downward spiral I'd been on, things can only go up.

And so that's all I'm saying on my short, unplanned hiatus.  This week it's back to 1st birthday plans, we're 44 days away.  Some Wordless Wednesay and a lot of other nonsensical prattle that I'm sure no one cares about but I put out into the interwebs because it's good for my brain and sanity to let it out.

Happy Monday!

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