Monday, January 23, 2012

Joe Pa

Over the weekend a legend died, Joe Paterno, and once again my disappointment in the human race proved to be founded. As a whole all I saw was hatred for a man that most didn't know personally and only chose to remember for a wrong they believed he committed, not any law enforcement, just people.  And this got me wondering when exactly did everyone decide that it was their place to judge a man on the acts of his life, but disregard all the good he did for one bad decision, which for the record he did what he should have telling his superiors and had no control over how they handled the situation.  Could he have done more, hell yes, but the fact still remains that he did what he should have.  And now people sit judging a man that probably judged himself way harsher then anyone could have until his dying day.  And so today I still sit with a heavy heart for the Paterno family because a wife lost her soul mate, children lost their father and grandchild lost their grandfather.  And really when it comes down to it a man died and his judgement will be done by the Man that matters not any of those people that like to throw stones ... I mean because really the man was just human, just like we all are

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