Friday, May 24, 2013

Beach Bound

It's Memorial Day Weekend which means we're headed to the beach!  It's our annual trip that is normally just for the long weekend but has been extended to almost a week. Unfortunately, we don't get the whole week we planned because the step-son's got testing on the Friday, but hey I'll take all the time I can get out of Northern Virginia.  We haven't had a vacation since last August when we headed to the beach for a friend's wedding.  First, though, I have to get through the work day and then go home and pack, pack, pack.

We never go with any set plans, that's the best thing about vacation.  I plan to do a lot of picture taking and laughing and reading.  The Bean is excited to build sand castles, at least that's what he says, and Baby girl ... well she's only 6 months so she's just happy to be alive.  The weather's supposed to be mid-70's to low-80's all week, so ya know perfect beach weather! I CAN'T WAIT!

I never let the significance of this weekend slip my mind though.  While it's nice to get the time with family to unwind and relax I still realize that this weekend is to celebrate those that have served.  As the daughter of two retired soldiers I fully aware of the sacrifices made every day by our soldiers.  I'm thankful for those men and women that felt the calling of serving this great country so that I can enjoy the freedom I have.  I'm even more grateful for those that served and made the ultimate sacrifice.  I've never known the heartache of losing a loved one whose served but that doesn't mean I don't say a prayer for those that do.  On Monday I'll offer a moment of silence to those who fought and died because if not for them and their brothers and sisters at arms I wouldn't be be where I am.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

6 Months - Baby Girl

Baby Girl,

TOO FAST! This time last year we were just telling everyone about your impending arrival and now you're 6 months. It's your half-birthday and I can't even wrap my brain around it.  This last month you've changed so much.  You're rolling all over the place and laughing and cooing like you've always done it.  You're such a happy girl unless you're hungry or sleepy. You, however, are not the best sleeper AT ALL!  Oh sweet girl why won't you sleep?  Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the lack of sleeping you do and then I remember that just like everything this is simply a stage and will eventually pass, although to be honest I wish we'd get through it already.

You haven't cut any teeth yet and you're right on track with your clothing sizes, unlike your brother who was always a size ahead of his actual age.  I'm learning quickly that what other parents say is so very true, every baby is different.  You and your brother while you have many similarities there are so many ways you are different, besides the obvious. 

The next month won't see too much excitement, at least not compared to what you've had in the last couple of months.  We're headed to the beach for Memorial Day, I can't wait to see how you react to the sand and how your brother interacts with you at the Beach.  Speaking of your brother he ADORES you sometimes a little too much.  While I hope to give you a sister one day, there's nothing like the bond of sisters, the two of you will always have a special relationship as the oldest sister and brother. I love just watching the two of you interact and look forward to the day when you'll be able to actually play together.

Baby girl while your lack of sleep exhausts me, I'm continuously amazed at how quickly you're changing. It makes me smile and sad at the same time to know you'll be one so soon but I know it's just the circle of life.  These moments are just a sprinkle in your book of life and I'm so honored that God chose me to guide you and be a part of it.

I love you always and forever sweet girl


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I'm not sure how it's already halfway through May, especially since I feel like we were just celebrating the New Year.  Of course I'm sure the crazy weather we've been having here in Virginia isn't helping.  But alas halfway through May it is which means this weekend is Mother's Day.  I don't really go into Mother's Day with high hopes of relaxation and nothingness because that's just not my life.  Like my birthday I like to think of it as a day that's supposed to be all about me but in reality I'll still be up at least twice with baby girl for feedings and up by 730 or 8 watching Disney Junior with the toddler.  By 9 I'll be running around trying to get the teenager and Hubz up so we can get everyone ready for Church and out of the door on time.  It's just my life and I've resigned my self to the fact that days all about me are in the past, at least until all my littles are had and not so little anymore.  I'm mostly okay with it.

A few years ago we (I) started an annual Mother's Day Brunch at our house.  It's a chance for us as a family to get together and celebrate all the Moms of the family at once and then let everyone go off and do their own thing.  It's worked out great because it leaves the afternoon free for us all to spend the day with our individual families to do whatever we want, for me I'm hoping for a whole lot of nothing. Every one brings something and then I'm not stuck with all the prep, just with all the clean-up.  Unfortunately, not everyone embraces this time to spend with family for the Moms in our lives but most of them do and that's good enough for me.

This time of year always makes me nostalgic. I mean how is it that I've been out of college for 8 years? and yet it feels like just yesterday I was off to on ELITE leadership retreat in Tampa to begin my freshman year. but then I blinked and I was a momma and a wife. I'll tell anyone that will listen that college was 4 of the best years of my life but these last 3 years as a momma & before that a step-mom, they're quickly surpassing those 4 years. My college self would never believe who we've become but oh to be a momma to these kids.  These kids make me a better person, even when they're driving me nuts. 

It's true we don't realize the strength of a Mother's love until you are one. 

Happy Mother's Day!