Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hurry Up!!!

So today we should hear about one of the houses we put in a contract on. It's the foreclosure and the one we like the most, but I'm not really expecting the outcome to be positive. Regardless I wish they would just hurry up and tell us one way or the other. I've checked my email at least tweleve times today. I tell you what all the waiting that's necessary for purchasing a house is for the birds. I HATE waiting. Just tell me one way or the other so if we need to keep looking we can. We're suppose to go out on Friday to look at more houses but Curtis may be working a side job and since we need the money I can't really complain. It sucks though because we were both going to off on Friday, which is rare, and I was looking forward to spending the day together. Eh..oh well it'll all be worth it once we have a house. Especially if it's the foreclosure.

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