Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So we didn't get the house in Dumfries. Oh well..moving in on. We're still waiting to here about the second house we put a contract in on and we've put a contract in on another house it the same neighborhood as the second house. Hubz is holding out hope for the backyard house: check out both pages. It's an okay house but older than I'd like put it has everything we want except a two car garage.

In other news. We spent that past three days at the beach in NC. It was great and well needed. Now the next month will be super busy. The step-son has a cub scout camp out this weekend. I'll be splitting my time between that and a belated birthday celebration for my favorite sister-in-law. Next weekend is my big 5k, then it's off to Tampa for the wedding of one of my favorite ladies to a great guy. I can't wait. When we get back it full steam ahead with the preparing the step-son for his first overnite camp. He's going away for a whole week before we pack him up and send him to his mom's for the summer. I can't wait for July just so I can hopefully relaxed. Unless of course we're in a new house by then...oh wait there's those GREs I still need to take.

More to come....

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