Thursday, September 18, 2008

Roe v. Wade (this is long)

This is the day Bush leaves office and the newly elected President takes over. When I started this blog it was so I could share my thoughts about this crazy thing called life. However, today I'm going to do something I don't normally do, talk about politics.

I didn't grow up in a house where we talked about politics. I'm not really sure why but I do know that my parents raised my sisters and I to stand up for ourselves and what we believe. The first time I ever had to test this rule, when it came to politics, was my freshman year of college. It was the first year I could vote, but I didn't because I missed the absentee deadline for Virginia. This kid told me I deserved to be murderd becasue I was pro-choice.

Most people in my life know that I'm Catholic. So to say I'm pro-choice goes against the foundation of my relgion. However, though I belive that Jesus died for us, I also belive that it is a woman's right to choose what she does for to and for her body.

I understand that there are women that choose to use abortion as a method of birth control, but I believe with all my heart that most women that choose to have an abortion do so after much thought, prayer and with much anguish. Therefore I don't believe that Bush, McCain or any Republican or Democrat has a right to take that choice away from anyone!

So why this post you ask because of this article:

I leave you with this. Why is it our government feels that it's okay to tell women what they can do with THIER bodies? We don't elect our officials to judge us. Only to do what's right for our country as a whole, not for a certain percentage our country.

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