Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Thoughts

This post is just random things I've been thinking:

1. In a little more than a week and half I'll be celebrating my anniversary. However, I'm quite sure it'll just be like any other day seeing as the actual day is on Monday and we bowl. Also, hubz not really the most romantic guy ever, but I got him what I think's a kick ass present so...

2. I wish I could give all the banks and their CFO's a what for with this mess they've caused in the economy. IDIOTS!!!

3. I start my Master's program in two weeks and while I'm excited and I'm also super nervous. It's been almost five years since I was in school and I don't want to do bad.

4. I sometimes wish that we'd eloped because then we wouldn't have so much credit card debt, but then I look at pictures from our wedding and I wouldn't have passed up that day for anything.

5. We've been talking a lot about the timing of starting a family and while I'm excited. I can't help but think that when I finally get pregnant and have a kid nobody's going to be excited except for me. Hubz already has a kid so the excitement of a first child for him is gone and my sister's both had kids when they where teens (one's about to have another) so the excitement of the first grandchild is gone.

While there's other random thoughts on my mind there not something I'd feel comfortable putting in a public forum b/c I'm not sure if family reads this or not. So those thoughts will forever remain in my head.

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