Monday, September 7, 2009

Wedding #1

My sister in law and bestest friend got married on Saturday to the greastest guy. He truely is her perfect match. The day was gorgeous, which was good since the ceremony was outside, and my sister looked beautiful and happy. Of course with any wedding there are hitches and glitches but nothing that she had to worry about because she was the bride. I kept telling her she could borrow my spotlight for the day, since she's not one to be the center of attention like me, of course I just had to steal the spotlight back when I fell of the curb and severly sprained my ankle. I swear...I fall of curbs at least once a week and nothing but the nite of her wedding I sprain my ankle at least it was at the end when everything was all done. It may still be broken I'll fine out when I go see my own doctor this week...fingers crossed it really is just a sprain. Regradless I'm on crutches for at least 2 weeks maybe 3.

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