Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wedding Weekend Continued

I'm a little behind but lately that's the story of my lift. Especially since I'm still on the damn crutches from falling off the curb at my SIL wedding. But I realized I needed to update about wedding #2 from Labor Day Weekend. This wedding was for hubz' best friend. The wedding was small, only 50 people, and hubz was a groomsmen for best friend's fiance/husband. Though it was small it was still beautiful and as is the case for me and weddings it made me cry. There's something about two people pledging to be together for ever that just moves me to tears. Not because I think it's a bad idea, obviously since I'm married, but because two people really have to cherish and love each other to want to make such a big commitment.

So to both of the couples that were married this weekend I wish them all the most that life has to offer. I hope they always remember that marriage, like life, is ever changing and that if you're not willing to change with it and go with the flow it'll just make things more diffult.

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