Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm not one to hold my tongue when I have something to say, and while this sometimes drives hubz nuts he's kind of gotten use to it. I don't always yell out the first thing that pops into my head but that's only because I want to mold the words that I'm going to speak before I speak them. I want them to have meaning and truth and I want the listner to have no doubt about how I feel or where I stand. Words have the power to motivate and at the same time to discourage. Words have the power to uplift and at the same time push down. Words can't be unsaid, once spoken they can't be taken back or explained away.

In this electronic age I wonder if we've forgotten the power our words can have on those that hear them. Let us not forget Mr. Martin Luther King, Jr who with his words moved Blacks to stand up and be noticed and treated equally. More recently President Obama who with his words led a genereation, often thought to be empathetic and lazy, to show up at the polls and cast their votes for change.

In the past couple of days there has been some drama amongst members of my family. And while this is normal, where a spicy bunch, this time it's kind of pushed me to my limit. If anyone were to ask me the most important thing in my life I'd respond without a doubt with Family. They are the people who have most shaped who I am. They are the core of who I am and my reason for being, along with hubz. So when they yell at each other and call each other names it hurts me to my soul. We're the only family we've got and no matter what we've always stuck by each other. Sure I don't always agree how they live their lives or with the decisons they may make, but just like I support our soliders in a war I don't agree with, I support my family in everything they do. But lately the WORDS that they speak to each other are laced with meaness, hatred and spite! While normally I try not to get involved in thier lives, even with my need to speak my WORDS, this time I had to. So I said my piece...then I found out what the heart of the matter is and I was PISSED!!!!! Pushed to my limit doesn't begin to explain it because what it came down to was a lack of respect and that I will NOT TOLERATE from anyone, family, friend or foe!

So today I'm stepping back from the situation. I'm looking at it from all angles and then I'm going to do what I do best. Figure out how to solve the problem. I will not let outsiders, and that's what you are if you don't share my blood or have my heart, break this bond. Some would say I'm the least spicy of this wild bunch I call a family but the truth is I'm the one most likely to attack when you least expect it (I'm convinced it's the scorpio in me). After this we'll all step back and pick up the peices and clean up the mess stronger for what we've been through. Because Lord knows that if we haven't broken thus far we probably never will. It's true what they say: "What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger."

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