Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day

Yesterday I spent the day working on a paper for Finance and also being thankful for the soliders in my life as well as those who have fought or fight everyday for our freedom as well as their families. As a child of a retired Army solider I know the sacrafice that is being part of a military family. Thankfully my dad was never sent off to war but today in a time when we are fighting multiple wars in multiple countries I have known what it's like to worry for the safety of the ones you love who have choosen to serve our country. Most days it's a thankless job...long days, endless hours and time spent away from family. Unlike those of us in the civilian world for the most part soliders don't run their lives Uncle Sam does and most of the follow without question.

I'm the first to say I don't agree with the war we're currently fighting, but I don't know that I'd agree with any war. It seems like such an unnecesasry waste of life, especially when we have problems here in the good old U.S.A. It sometimes seems as if we waste all our time and resources on fighting other peoples fights and not enough time focusing on our own fight right here at home. But these soliders they go and they fight because it's their job and so I support them not the cause but them. I support them as a friend would support another friend in doing what's expected of them.

So to the Soliders in my life, past and present, thank you! Thank you for the sacrafices you've made and make...thank you for doing what someone of aren't physically or emotionally doing...thank you for risking your lives so we don't have to. And to their families, the forgotten Vets, thank you for standing by the solider in your life....thank you for allowing them to do what they do. For those we have lost I thank you for making the ultimate sacrafice and to their families know that your loved ones died doing what they believed in, protecting our country.

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