Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A year older...and wiser!

Last Saturday was my birthday, 28 years of life celebrated. While I had come to terms with doing nothing because not only was it Halloween but it was also Saturday hubz had other plans, he and my sister-in-law that is. I was forced out of my house to take the step-son trick-or-treating and returned to home to a house decoreated with Scooby Doo streamers and masks! It was great! I realized along time ago that a birthday celebration for someone with a birthday on Halloween would be next to impossible as I got older and started a family. While I wish I'd had a few more years to enjoy having a day where everyone is totally focused on me I married someone with a kid and by doing that gave up those precious few years. All in all though the day was fantastic, minus finding out that yet ANOTHER friend is PG. I layed in bed drinking mimosas most of the day and did little else, I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. Hubz got me an IPOD touch which I'd been talking about getting for a while now but back burnered when he got laid off. My sister-in-laws got me gift cards to BBB and Lowe's so I get to buy stuff for the house!!!! And my mom and step-mother-in-law got me a Virgin Mary and kitchen stuff repectively. I also got a Redskins purse, scrapbook stuff and a yet unknown present from one of my sisters.

In light of the last two weeks, which have been the hardest I've dealt with in a while, I'm taking tomorrow off and giving myself a four day weekend. I need this and hubz and I need this. I've been short with him lately and I realize it so I'm taking tomorrow for us to have some QT and for me to decompress. We'll go do the things we use to do when we didn't have money like we did before he lost his job. Friday's my regular day off and I'm getting my hair cut...not sure how yet but it's going and I can't wait. Then it's a soccer filled weekend with some scrapbooking thrown in on Saturday nite. Before I know it'll be back to work on Monday with a very busy two weeks at work.

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! I haven't accomplished half of the things I wanted to. Some of them are in my control, like having the house all painted and getting our bedroom completely put together. However, some are not in my control, like getting PG and getting a promotion. So for the remainder of the year I'm gonna focus on those things I can take care of and let the rest just happen, hopefully soon!

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