Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 in Review

2009 as a whole was a good year. However, I spent most of the year hoping, wishing, praying, dreaming for a baby to have nothing. At the beginning it was hard and as one friend after another go KTFU and I didn't I thought my heart would break with the unfairness of it all. But then I took a deep breath, had a few drinks, and took a few steps back and rembered that with God all things are possible and I put my dream to be a mother in the hands of my savior. I trust that when the Lord sees fit I will be come a mother and there's not really much I can do about, for a control freak such as myself that's a little hard to say and belive but I have to and I do. So now without further ado I give my year in reveiw:

January - The first African-American President was elected (Barack Obama)

March - Newest nephew, Mr. Josiah Marelle, was welcomed
Visited Sarah in SC

April - Youngest niece, Ms. Elizabeth Melissa, celebrated her 1st birthday

June - Suprise shower up in Mass for SIL
Visited Cheronda in Cali

July - Oldest nephew, Anutan Tyrese, turned 10

August - VA shower and Bachelorette Party for SIL
Family vacay to OC with the lil bro

September - The month of birthdays and weddings. Most notabley SIL and hubz best friend both got married Labor Day weekend (not to each other)
Step-son turned 10
Hubz' godson turned 1

October - 2 year wedding anniversary, with many more years to come

November - SIL and her new husband hosted their first Thanksgiving dinner as husband and wife

December - Hubz and I hosted our first family Christmas at our house, it was loud and crazy and I loved it.

Now with 2010 getting started we're hoping for big things. I'll graduate in June with my MBA and hopefully hubz will get in the PWCPD, while it wouldn't be my first choice of a job for him it's what he really wants so I support him 100%. The step-son will start middle school in September and God willing it'll be a smooth transition. I'll continue to pray for those closest and far away, for our soliders and the safety of country, for our leaders to make the right choices that will benefit the masses and not just themselves and especially for the wee babe I long to call my own.

Welcome 2010...we've been waiting for you.

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