Thursday, January 21, 2010

Southward Bound

I'm heading to South Carolina this weekend to visit a dear friend for her birthday! It's just me by myself, no hubz or step-son, and I'm so excited. I don't do this nearly enough, I use to but then we got married and have debt and hubz lost his job soooo :( . But I try to get away just me and some of my girls at least every 6 months. While I'm gone I expect nothing to get done at my house, that's just the way it tends to work, although I'm hoping hubz will suprise me and finish my coat closet and do laundry...a girl can wish.

I'll return on Sunday, hopefully with pictures and stories about the fantastic time. Don't worry that change is still coming but still isn't finalize. We should have everything all set two weeks from tomorrow and then I'll explain's gonna be BIG!

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