Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby it's cold ... inside

Our heat is broken and has been for almost two weeks now.  We had been waiting for a friend of Hubz' to come and fix it for us like he does when ever we have issues but apparently he's busy or rude but either way it's not fixed.  So Friday I called a local heating and air conditioning place to have someone come out on Saturday, which costs us an extra $20 because it was a weekend but no biggy, to hopefully fix the damn heat!  No such luck because apparently the thermostat on the actual unit shot, kaput, broken!  The nice kid said we'd probably be able to have get it fixed by Monday or Tuesday, but wait just kidding when he called yesterday to tell me how much it would cost, $432 ... what the 'F', he also informed me that it would take 7-10 days for the damn part to come in ...SAY WHAT!?  Of course the temperatures have been getting colder and colder, why wouldn't they we have not heat, and I don't think I can take it much longer.  The momma has offered to let us come stay at her house and at least we could bring the dogs.

Why is it that things always go to the shitter during the holidays?  I mean really!  So now we're just waiting, in our very cold house ... except for the bedrooms which have space heaters and is the only place you'll find me.  I refuse to cook because it's so damn cold on the middle level of our house and doing laundry is a chore, more than normal, because I have to bundle up to go to the basement. Oi vey! Oh and did I mention the 10 day mark, which is surely how long it'll take because that's just our luck, is on Christmas Eve?!  Merry Christmas!

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