Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thankful on Thursday

It's hard to believe that Christmas is a mere two days away.  Where did the last year go?  For me it was spent growing my little Bean. During that 9 months I had the most understanding and caring husband and he's what I'm most thankful for.  We're kind of having a moment right now where our communication isn't so great and so we're constantly in a state of unease.  It was to be expected though we just had a baby and that precious little babe wound up in the hospital for 10 days at 3 days old.  Then upon leaving the hospital the babe was on a special diet and feeding schedule which would stress out even the most veteran of parents.  But through it all hubz has been there to hold me up when we got bad news and celebrate with me when we got good news.  I have several friends that remind me often that I never wanted kids or to get married and now look at me.  Married 3 years and with a beautiful baby boy.  I hate to sound cliche but hubz completes me.  He balances me out and reminds me that I can still have fun while being a grown-up.  And while there are many things about him that drive me insane I wouldn't pick anyone else to be on this journey of life with.

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