Wednesday, November 7, 2012

3 weeks

Today as I was sitting at work it hit me that if Dumpling is like his/her big brother it's possible I could have a new baby in about 3 weeks.  The bean was born at exactly 38 weeks, I'll 35 weeks on Saturday!  Hubz thought it was funny that once again I was surprised at how close the impending arrivals arrival actually was.

3 weeks!  It that time we have a wedding, maternity pictures, birthday party and Thanksgiving.  Oh and let's not forget we're still working and Hubz has school and the step-son has his numerous things that he needs to be taken to or we need to attend, but well I'm not all that worried.  I've set a goal to accomplish one or two little things a day.  Today I took out the infant car seat and their bases and put the cover back on, of course it now looks like we're missing a piece to the car seat so we'll have to find the piece or get a new car seat, I'm hoping we can just find the piece but I'm not optimistic since Hubz didn't even know what I was talking about when I said it was missing.  I'm also FINALLY going to get our suitcase unpacked from our Anniversary trip back the beginning of October.  While really it should be Hubz doing this since it's mostly his crap if I wait on him the baby will be here and I have tons of mess on that side of the room that needs to be taken care of so we can bring in the bassinet and swing, which are both next on the list to come out of storage so their respective covers and stuff can be cleaned and they can be brought to our room.

3 weeks isn't a ton of time but it's enough to get done what needs to be done and continue with life as normal, or as normal as it can be when the Momma's 35 weeks pregnant and taking care of a lot of things solo.  I figure is something doesn't get done before Dumpling's arrival then it'll get done after.  As long as my breast pump has all it's necessary parts and pieces and the bassinet, swing and car seat are good to go we're golden and that'll all be taken care of in the next week or so.  Oh I should probably pack my hospital bag sometime during that 3 weeks too, just to be on the safe side, huh.  Although last time I didn't get a bag packed until the day my water broke and I went into labor so....

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