Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted

I got my vote on.  This is the fourth election I've voted in but the first that I was the most nervous about. I knew it was going to be close but in the end my guy prevailed!  Sure there are people that aren't happy, but hey that was a given.  Me I'm ecstatic.  I'm happy to know that we have 4 more years to continue to move forward and make this country better.  That we have 4 more years that women are safe from extremists trying to force us back to the 1950s.

I don't talk to politics, with anyone..EVER!  Simply because in college I had someone tell me I deserve to die because I was pro-choice and pro-gay rights.  What always makes me chuckle is that 4 years later, just before we graduated, that same person had "come-out" and eventually even apologized.  However, that one person turned me off from EVER wanting to discuss my views.  i get it that people are passionate about where they stand on issues and I respect that but I also realize that not everyone is that way, just look at Facebook. 

I will say that I'm glad that this political season is over.  I'd grown weary of the TV/radio ads, numerous phone calls, ignorant and down right ridiculous Facebook and Twitter posts and the constant barking of my dogs because of the people at my door.  Mostly I'm glad I can "like" some of my friends again. Because of my rule not to discuss politics I never knew where some of them stood and was sad to find out they were some of the ignorant and ridiculous but that's okay I'm still happy to call them friends because we have so many other things to talk about besides politics, otherwise we wouldn't be friends.

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