Thursday, November 1, 2012


Yesterday was my birthday and really 31 doesn't feel that much different that 30, well ya know except the fact that this year I'm growing this little Dumpling and last year I celebrated by drinking tons of champagne and other grown-up libations. 
Birthdays are definitely different when you're an adult and a Momma to boot.  Other than birthday wishes on Facebook and through text and a card from my mom and bestie there was really any celebrating.  No presents, well except the gift I gave myself of trying to cut my finger's a long story,  or cake.  And while I might be a little bummed about it my birthday is on Halloween which really is more about the kids than me so, what can you do.  My boy was the cutest little Bob-omb:

And these memories are ones that I'll gladly take even if it means that my birthday kind of gets pushed to the back burner.

So now we're in November and the count down is on for the arrival of Dumpling and the holidays.  Every year I say it but, where did the year go?  We've got things to get done and maybe they'll get done and maybe they won't be all I know is that in about 45 days or so I'll be bringing home a new babe to start new memories and who this time next year will be one more reason why my birthday is pushed to the back burner.

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