Friday, January 4, 2013

1 month - Baby Girl

This was supposed to be Dumpling's 1 month birthday letter but really she's 7.5 weeks now.  This two kids thing is exhausting but I'm slowly getting it together.

It'd hard to believe that you've been in our life for over  month already.  You came into this world a little earlier than expected and had an unexpected extended hospital stay but on your two week birthday we finally got to bring you home.  The Bean fell in love with you instantly and I think that two of you will be best friends growing up.  Your oldest brother isn't a fan of tiny babies but he loves you, he'll just like you more when you're a little bigger.   And Daddy, oh your daddy is wrapped around your finger already.  There's something so special about a girl and her Dad. 

These first few weeks have been blissful, with the holidays and family, and I know that there are challenging times to come because that's what being a parent is about ups and downs with their kids but I hope no matter what that you always remember I love you.  You're the little girl I wished for and prayed for and not only me but Granddad and Nana too. 

Forever & Always

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