Wednesday, January 2, 2013

35 Weeks, 3 Days

I started this post when Dumpling was 4 weeks and today she's 7 weeks.  To say things have gotten hectic with a new little would be an understatement, throw in the holidays and there just haven't been enough hours in the day.  However, without further delay, Dumpling's birth story.
35 weeks, 3 days is how far along I was 2 days after my last post and the nite my water broke.  More than 2 weeks earlier than I had expected and definitely sooner than I would have liked.  I spent the entire day at work with out a single BH or contraction, of course the nite before I had tons of both but didn't think anything of it.  I got home from work and took care of some things around the house and right after I'd switched out the Beans 18 months clothes for 24/2T clothes I stood up and felt a trickle.  At first I thought nothing of it what with being 8.5 months pregnant and having a bladder the size of a pea then I got to the bathroom and sure enough my water broke, at 35 weeks & 3 days, I called Hubz then my Momma. I feel like I should have been a little scared, I mean 35 weeks that's pre-term, but the thought never crossed my mind.  Dumpling was coming and there was nothing I could do about it but embrace it and get myself and the boys together because bag packing wasn't supposed to take place until the following weekend.  Within about half an hour of talking to Hubz both our Moms were at the house, which was good because my contractions were making it hard for me to get things done, I was also a little overwhelmed since this was so unexpected.  By the time Hubz showed up everyone was packed and the Moms each took a boy and we headed to the hospital, after a stop at the gas station since neither the car or truck had gas ... sitting while having contractions is NO BUENO!  Luckily we missed rush hour and made it to the hospital in no time. 

I'll never understand the point of pre-registering since I had to stand and answer questions and "check-in" once at the hospital.  I also had to deal with a very well meaning volunteer constantly asking me if I was sure I didn't want a wheelchair, it was much easier for me to handle the contractions if I was standing.  After what seemed like an hour we headed to triage, where they had to make sure I was in labor ...REALLY!  We finally got to a L&D room and I finally got my epi, by that point I was 5 cm dilated, which had been my goal to reach before getting the epi.  Once I had the epi it was pretty much smooth sailing from there.  I progressed pretty steadily until I got to 8 cm at which point they gave me a little pitocin to help get things moving more steadily again. Finally, at about 530a on 14 November I was almost to 10 so the doctor had me start some practice pushes and apparently I was pretty good at it because when she returned to do some practice pushes with her in the room she said I was ready for the real thing.  I started pushing for really, really at 630 and my precious baby girl was born at 644a. Weighing in at 5.5 and 18.5 in long she was smaller than her brother weight wise but they measured the same length.  Of course as I expected she had some complications breathing and she would up in the NICU for what would become a 2 week stay. 

She finally came home on 28 November and other than some reflux has had no issues. We had a rough time establishing breastfeeding, since she'd been on the bottle for the two weeks while she was in the NICU but it was breast milk but now we're smooth sailing.  She's perfect, but I'm biased and the Bean is totally and completely in love with her.  My parents are besides themselves because this is the first girl in 28 years, since my sisters were born.  I'm still on maternity leave until February and now with the holidays over I'm going to enjoy these last few weeks just me and my girl. 

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