Thursday, January 24, 2013

2 1/2 Months - Baby Girl

Oh sweet, sweet girl.  How are you already 2 1/2 months? I just don't understand where the time has gone.  I see how much you've changed just in the last month.  You've more than doubled your birth weight and you're trying so hard to coo.  Nana came and put your crib together for Momma, since daddy's been out of town, and now we're trying to get you transitioned over.  You can't sleep in our room forever. 

Next week is our last week together, just the two of us, before I go back to work.  I'm sad and happy at the same time.  Sad because I've cherished this time we've had but happy because quite honestly Momma isn't stay at home material.  I love and cherish you and your brother but spending every waking moment with you just isn't for me.  I like to think about our time as quality over quantity.  The first couple of weeks will be difficult as we find our stride but before we know we'll be old hats at it.

You've already changed so much in the last two and half months I can't imagine how much more you could change in the next couple of weeks but I know you will.  I love you sweet girl more than words can explain and I can't wait to see the person you become.

Forever & Always

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