Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston, oh Boston

Once again our country has been hit with a senseless act of violence with no explanation about why but plenty of questions. Today as runners were finishing the Boston Marathon, a run that many train a year for, a bomb went off, followed closely by a second. Police would later find at least two more that had not been detonated. As I'm writing this post 3 people have already died and countless others have been injured, some in critical condition.

As with the events of Sandy Hook I'm having problems processing how anyone could plan and carry out something so horrendous!? What brings someone to a point In their own lives where they think nothing about taking the lives of innocent people? I wonder if they thought about the countless lives their actions would affect and if they even hesitated for a moment.

My heart hurts thinking of his world I'm leaving to my kids, my nieces and nephews and future generations. I shed tears for the innocence that is lost every time something so senseless happens but the. I read something on face book that reminds that we are nation of survivors. That we as a nation don't take things lying down, we fight back and we lean on each other and these reminders they give me hope. Hope that just maybe it's all going to be okay not perfect but okay.

So to tonite as I'm nursing my baby girl to sleep I'll probably rock her a little longer and hold her a little closer but simply because before I know it she'll off into a world that isn't always kind but that always gets back up when it's pushed down. As I I'm reading a story to my little terror I'll hug and snuggle him a little longer but only because I know what's waiting for him.

Rest easy Bostonians you have an entire nation behind you. We weep for you, we pray for, we mourn for you and we fight for you. We are after all, "One Nation Under God."

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