Friday, April 26, 2013

Ramblings ...Again

Once again I've left my blog without words for far too long, at least for my liking, so now to get things caught up.  It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Swiftly Growing house and things don't look to be slowing down.

The step-son has kept us especially busy with band performances and Boy Scout duties.  He'll finish up middle school in the next couple of weeks and then be starting high school in the fall so I know this is only the beginning of the crazy schedule he'll be keeping.  While it's sometimes equal parts exhausting and exhausting I wouldn't change it.  I remember this time in my life and before we know it he'll be headed off to college and we'll miss the pace of our lives with constantly running him around.  Of course the slow pace will be short lived before our wee ones are requiring the Momma/Daddy taxi service.

My niece, and Hubz's, Goddaughter, celebrated her 1st Communion last weekend. It made me smile with nostalgia and look forward to when I'm celebrating the same milestone with my wee ones.  It's funny how as a parent we start to look forward to things that we barely remember as kids but becoming a parent makes it all so much clearer.

It's a big weekend for Baby Girl.  Tomorrow she'll be getting Baptized.  It's a little later than I would have liked but still earlier than her brother.  Maybe with the next baby I'll get it within that 3 month window.  Of course as is the case with big gatherings I'm not even close to ready.  Baby Girl has a chest cold or allergies or something so she's been a little clingy this week making it very difficult to get anything done.  Luckily today's my early day so I'll be running errands after work before picking up the kids and then doing tons of prep and cleaning tonite.  Tomorrow my day will start at 6 since I have to pick-up bagels and donuts and then get back to the house in time to get everyone up and dressed and out the door by 930.  I'll be ready for a nap with the lady of the hour by the time everyone leaves.

Next weekend should be a nice slow weekend with nothing but yard work, my husband is a slave driver.  It'll all be worth it when our yard finally looks nice but just thinking about it makes me groan.  I wish we could just pay someone to do it, not that that would ever happen since Hubz has a love/hate relationship with yard work.  He hates it but doesn't want anyone else to do it because they won't do it right...I don't understand this.

Make it a great weekend.

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