Sunday, April 14, 2013

5 Months - Baby Girl

Sweet Baby Girl

The time is just speeding by.  Here we are another month gone and you always changing and growing.  You're flipping, I don't really call in rolling since you can only go from your tummy to your back but I imagine any day now you'll be rolling all over the place.  Your brother, my first born and the bestest big brother, finally got you to laugh this week and he's the only one that's been able to get a laugh out of you.  It made my cry at first and now I laugh right along with you to crazy kiddos.  I've packed up your 0-3 month clothes, it seems like you were just wearing them and they were too big but it really has been 5 months.  You're quite the vocalizer these days cooing and babbling, Momma loves it!  You're still not the greatest sleeper but like your brother I know it'll happen, eventually ... I hope and if you don't figure it out on your own, in the next 7 months, I'll help you figure out after that.

At the end of the month you'll be Baptized and while I know you don't know what it means right now you'll understand the importance when you're older.  For me it reminds me of the incredible responsibility I have to not only raise you to be a caring, compassionate, accepting person but also to teach you to believe in something bigger than you or me.  It's a daunting task really but one I'm confident that God will lead me through, he did after all give me the blessing of making me your Momma so he must have faith that I can do it.

My sweet, sweet girl in the next month you will celebrate your half-birthday.  And we'll be on the down hill slide to your first birthday.  I can't believe how fast it's flying by.  I know you won't remember these 12 months but for me they'll be some of my best memories because I spent them watching you grow and change.  In the grand scheme of things these 5 months have been but a blip in the movie of your life but oh how amazing those little blips have been.

I love you my sweet girl.

Forever & Always,

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