Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We're in! We moved Saturday morning. We still have our big tv and the extra fridge left over at the neighbor's and bil's houses but other than that all our stuff is into the house. The house is full of boxes and I'm completely overwhelmed and exhausted, but I'm so glad to be in OUR house! I finished unpacking the dining room yesterday and mowed the lawn...I know quite the over achiever am I. The FIOS guy came and got our tv, internet and phone up and running so all we're missing now is hot water. The gas man came and turned on the gas, but apparently something on the water heater isn't working, but that's small potatos. My mom's letting us use her shower and hopefully we can have hot water before we leave for vacay on Saturday.

Hubz is going to be gone Thursday nite to NY for work so it's me and the step-son plus the dogs all by ourselves. I'm house sitting my SIL's pit puppy...she's stupid but cute. Gozer loves to have someone to play with so I can't complain. Mom has Nakita b/c she got spayed last week and we didn't think all the excitement plus the two puppies would be good for her. So she'll come home Saturday before we leave for some quality time. We have to put baby Gozer in a kennel and I'm not happy about it but there's no other choice, our regular dog sitter (my mom) is going on vacay the same time as us.

Well now that you're all caught up I'll be sure to update with house goings on for the rest of the week then it's off to Orlando. I can't wait...I totally need a vacation.

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