Friday, August 8, 2008


Monday can't be here soon enough. This time Monday I'll FINALLY be a homeowner. I swear I didn't think this day would ever get here. So with this impending sign of adulthood looming close there are still things to be done. I have to go to the bank tonite and get a bank check for $1772.32..HOLY HELL that's a lot of money. Tonite we're also taking the boys, my lil bro and the step-son, to the county fair. We missed it last year, but we're trying to make it a yearly thing. I really just go for cotton candy, real lemondae and funnel cake..mmmmm funnel cake. Saturday is a little baby shower for my friend Diana. Me and the sister-in-laws missed her original shower due to family obligations, so we're having a special shower for her just the five of us, Mo's coming too. Sunday looks like I can relax...a little suprise brunch for on of the mom's gf's but other than that I see a day of relaxing...I hope. Then it'll be Monday and I'll be signing away my first born!!!! We're not acutally moving our stuff into the house until next Saturday, but so what the house will finally be ours!!! Only we go on vacation the following week so we get to enjoy our house and being back with the dogs for a short period before we go away for a week, then it's back into the swing of things with the start of school, for the step-son I start in October, soccer, cub scouts, bowling and RCIC. Few it's going to be a busy year..but it'll be over before I know it and then Melissa will be getting married and hubz and I will be jump on the baby making band wagon.

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