Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Skins Win, 1st Mortgage

So HOORAY the Skins beat the Cowboys on Sunday. This is the 5th time in seven meetings. I work with alot of Cowboys fans so when we beat the "Boys" the Monday following is always GREAT!!!

We made our first mortgage payment this past weekend. It was sad to write such a large check, but it's for OUR house so it's totally worth it.

My 1st wedding anniversary is next Monday, which means this weekend should be our anniversary weekend. However, apparenlty hubz thinks that means our anniversary weekend is next weekend...what? It's whatever though. I knew when I married him that romance wasn't his strong suit. If I want any romance in this marriage it's all going to rest on my shoulders. So since he's made plans to work, go on bike rides and other stuff...I'll be spending the weekend drinking the wine I got at the wine festival I went to with my most favorite sister-in-law.

After a hectic couple of days things are starting to slow back down at work so I have plans to update this blog more often and maybe edit my 101 things in 1001 days.

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