Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Compromised Reached

Well the strike finally ended this weekend. We've come to an agreement and that's fantastic! This week has been pretty slow, and I love it. No school last nite b/c of Veteran's Day (thank you the soliders who serve and have served our country), bowling was quick on Monday b/c we bowled blind. Tonite's cubscouts and tomorrow's RCIC and then hubz and I are off to NJ for a very good friend's wedding. My goal this wedding is to not get as drunk as last time b/c it'll make for a horrible ride home. Of course since it's at 1130 in the morning I'm sure that'll be no problem.

Other than that nothing new. We're just getting ready for the holidays. Before we know it it'll be time for our annual New Year's party.

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